Pull The Fuckin Trigger – Blood Poems (prod. by DJ Bless) (Video)

Donnie Darko lets you feel his animosity in sixteen bars over some classic darkness produced by DJ Bless. This is the duo at it’s very best. And when Apollo Valdez links up with the two, they become Pull The Fuckin Trigger.

Look out for the album…I hope it’s coming soon.


Single You Out: Rhythm Writers – Line In The Sand (prod. by Sutter Kain)

NSD’s, Rhythm Writers link up yet again with DJ Bless/Sutter Kain to create another win in terms of their latest single, Line In The Sand.   The Duo of Mr. Crowley and Awax seem extremely focused on their rhyme skills and ability to make music over an almost, melancholy production from DJ Bless.

Every single I have heard from these guys has been dope, so I hope there is a project coming down the pipe.

Single You Out: Donnie Darko – Chinese Opera (ft. Interstate Mook & Sutter Kain) (Prod. By DJ Bless)

This is that new tough stuff from Donnie Darko’s latest album, Redemption.   Interstate Mook and Sutter Kain join Darko over Kain’s alternate persona, DJ Bless’ beat.  If there is one word I could use to describe Donnie Darko’s sound on the singles from his new album, it would be determined.   He sounds like he is spitting those bars as if they were hollow points aimed at your heart.

The album is out NOW at all major online retailers so make sure you check it and support!

Single You Out: Sutter Kain – Man Behind The Mask Pt. 1 (Produced By DJ Bless)



New music from Never So Deep front man, Sutter Kain (DJ Bless).  Every one knows that he is a master at producing music for others but this time he lets listeners and fans get a look at the man behind the mask.  He gives us a glimpse into years prior and what’s gone in to make him the man he is today.    Bless is a perfectionist and pays attention to every minute detail of his music and that really shows in the final product here.  Enjoy this….

Single You Out: Rhythm Writers – Death Circle


I like the title…Death Circle.   Seems right up my alley.  The beat is a little more standard fair for DJ Bless than what I am used to hearing.  It’s still dope, just not as much going on.   The emcees are all reasonably good, but the third verse is given with a little more tenacity.  I don’t know too much (or anything) about the group to give you details as to who is who…just trust me, you can tell a difference.  I will have to hear more before I comment on Rhythm Writers but this is certainly above par.

Single You Out: Awaxx – Till The End (Produced By DJ Bless)


I’m back to support another part of the backbone of HHD, Never So Deep.  DJ Bless never disappoints with his production and that story continues with another dark banger.  Awaxx shows apt competency to rock the mic.  He doesn’t possess the best flow I have ever heard but certainly does justice to the track that we have in front of us.  I look forward to hear more before I pass judgement…

Single You Out: Sutter Kain – Shoot Her In The Face (ft. Rev Fang Gory and Insane Poetry)


Sutter Kain is on some “bodies hit the floor” type ish on this joint.  This is not for the faint of heart.  Fans of Sutter Kain will remember this sound from his album from three years ago, Black Sunday – Mask Of The Demon. The lyrics in this cut surpass hard, and tread  on the psychopathic which I will presume is the point.  The production is that Ghetto Metal flavor that has come to be associated with NSD Records.


Single You Out: Ancient Alienz – Angels Of Death (ft. Donnie Darko x Sutter Kain)


DJ Bless (Sutter Kain) has been talking about this project for a while and now we get our first sampling of what it’s going to be about.  And if we get a whole album of this type of music, then consider me all in.  This track starts out soulful and then the darkness sets in.   The piano and the vocal sample that Sutter Kain provides is just the right mood for these bars.  And speaking of bars,  Ancient Alienz can spit some!  Be on the lookout for their new project in the coming months.


McNastee – Xanax Dreams, Klonopin Nightmares (I’m Okay)(Video)

The Ghetto Metal thrust continues with this video release from McNastee’s last EP, Runaway Train Of Thought.  The production and the chorus make this song pretty addictive.  Sutter Kain on the beat so you know it’s of the highest quality.

McNastee has another EP slated to drop on August 28th:  Pity Party Rockers So check that out!

M-Dot – Layer Cake (2012)

Artist: M-Dot

Album: Layer Cake

Source: Artist


01. Intro
02. B-Sting (Produced By JoniZ)
03. 123 Flow (Produced By Kore)
04. Taggant Ft. Mayhem of EMS (Produced By Confidence & M-Credible) Cuts By DJ Family Tyz & DJ ToneDeff Cutz
05. The Difference (Produced By Soulslicers)
06. You Ain’t Ready Ft. Nutso (Produced By MidiFlash)
07. True Lies (Remix) Ft. Camp Lo & Tribeca (Produced By LP2)
08. Worldwide Ft. Armageddon (Produced By DJ Brans) Cuts By DJ Djaz
09. We Are (Produced By Onederkid)
10. Woke Up Ft. Mayhem of EMS (Produced By DJ LP2)
11. Interlude
12. The Doors Ft. EMS (Rev, Mayhem) & Olivia Pierson (Produced By LX Beats)
13. Unfukwitable (Produced By Sutter Kain)
14. Let it Out (Produced By DJ Connect)
15. El Mariachi Ft. Chaundon, Cymarshall Law & Daily Planet (Produced By Reef Ali) Cuts By DJ Grazzhoppa
16. Nothing To Fool With Ft. Hell Rell of Dipset & JTronius (Produced By FRZ)
17. Heavy Ft. Big Shug & Benefit of EMS (Produced By Norman Cratez) Cuts By DJ Reel Drama
18. Numerical Ft. Rev of EMS (Produced By Misanthropist)
19. Circulate Ft. Dominique Larue & Boycott Blues (Produced By DWill)
20. Wall Flowers (Produced By MidiFlash)
21. Think Twice (Remix) (Intro By DJ Premier) Ft. Av’Rex, Big Shug, Singapore Kane & Krumb Snatcha (Produced By DJ Brans) Cuts By DJ Djaz
22. Xmas Broke Ft. Rev of EMS (Produced By Norman Cratez)
23. Backstabbers (Produced By Gajos)


Our reigning champ, M-Dot, shot this project over to me many moons ago, while he has been galavanting around Europe on tour with the likes of that group you may have heard of,…Slaughterhouse.  Unfortunately it has taken me this long to get to do a write up on the project.  Really, Layer Cake, is a collection of guest spots, features, and rarities that M-Dot has put out or been a part of in the last 12 months.  While it isn’t an album, there are plenty of dope tracks collected together worth talking about.

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