Single You Out: Eff Yoo – The Tri-Lateral Commission (ft. Spit Gemz and Starvin B)


Eff Yoo is releasing some dope from his vaults and his first salvo comes in the form of The Tri-Lateral Commission which features the usual suspects of Spit Gemz and Starvin B.    Led by a guitar riff, the three emcees spit nothing but bars and leave a hook unnecessary.  I hope Eff Yoo has some more gems locked away.  It’s too good to leave unheard.

Single You Out: Shaz Illyork – Extraordinary Humans (ft. Starvin’ B x Nems)


I heard you like ill posse cuts, well guess what we have here?   Yeah this what happens when The Opposition and FYL team up on a track.  The body count just rises.  George Black cooks up a dark symphony for our emcees to spit lava rock over.  This is yet more illness from Shaz Illyork’s upcoming, Deadstock Revival.

Single You Out: Spit Gemz – The Holy Woods (ft. Starvin B & Carmen Indira)


Spit Gemz is at it again!  He’s not resting on is laurels, he is bringing the heat for this new album he has dropping this year entitled, Fvck The Radio.  That project will be dropping on February 25th and you best believe that I will be all over that when it drops.  Spit Gemz enlists the soulful Carmen Indhira for the hook and his confederate Starvin B.  They “put you on a pedestal just to knock you off it”.  One Take on the beat!

Spit Gemz – Welcome To Hellzgate (2012)

Artist: Spit Gemz

Album: Welcome To Hellzgate

Source:  Soundcity


01 Broken Oath Ft. Spent D’nero & Shaz Illyork (Prod. By JL Adio)
02 Possession Of Mind Ft. Shaz Illyork & Meyhem Lauren (Prod. By Aye Wun)
03 Passport
04 Red Pilot Ft. Sol Invictus (Prod. By Derek Day)
05 Stolen Legacy Ft. Carmen Indhira (Prod. By Detek)
06 Trained Assassins Ft. Starvin B, Carmen Indhira, Shaz Illyork & Eff Yoo (Prod. By One Take)
07 Megatron Mindstate Ft. Shaz Illyork (Prod. By DJ Brans)
08 Highlight Real (Prod. By Junior Makhno)
09 Fearless Pt. 7 Ft. Shaz Illyork & Carmen Indhira (Prod. By DJ Guttertrash)
10 Sinister Grin Ft. Shaz Illyork, Starker & J.Love (Prod. By Drasar Monumental)
11 Wasted Years (Prod. By Detek)
12 Panic In The Hall Ft Shaz Illyork, Thirstin Howl The 3rd & Homeboy Sandman (Prod. By Junior Makhno)
13 Concealed Weaponry Ft. Aye Wun (Prod. By Dolo)
14 Man At Arms (Prod. By The Strange Neighbor)
15 One And Wake Up Ft. Shaz Illyork (Prod. By DJ Low Cut)
16. Plotting
17 Love & Loyalty Ft. Carmen Indhira (Prod. By Jack Diggs)
18 Serpents Ft. G.S. Advance (Prod. By G.S. Advance)
19 Fly Creature Ft. Carmen Indhira, Starvin B & Shaz Illyork (Prod. By Golden Child)
20 Welcome To Hellzgate (Prod. By DJ Guttertrash)
21 SKILLUMINATI Ft. Thirstin Howl The 3rd & Meyhem Lauren (Prod. By Hook & Eye)


I am going to start this review out with the following statement:  Welcome To Hellzgate is most certainly a Top 5 mixtape/street album from 2012.   For my part, the only thing that comes close to the standard set by this project is Red Eye’s St. Fatrick’s Day. There are so many bangers on this joint, I simply can’t count them all on both hands.  This is something that you can knock whether you are on your way home from work or heading to the spot to get rowdy.  You will definitely get amped when you listen to this album!

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DJ Modesty – Kings From Queens 2 (2012)

Artist: DJ Modesty

Album: Kings From Queens 2

Source: Bandcamp


1. Kings From Queens Intro 2 (ft. J-Love)
2. Kings From Queens (ft. Lord Roc x L.I.F.E. Long x Musik G)
3. Bang On Em’ (ft. Nutso x YB x Logic x Koron)
4. Grand Central Parkway (ft. Junclassic x K-Sise)
5. Something Wonderful (ft. Willie Maze x Thruway)
6. Ty Nitty Drop
7. Hip Hop Alive (ft. Ty Nitty x Scape)
8. Killa Sha Drop
9. To My Nigghuhz On Tha Corner (ft. Easily Crippled x Cognac)
10. Gettin My Weight Up (ft. Satchel Page x Neek The Exotic)
11. Rafeese Drop
12. The Chosen (ft. Rafeese)
13. The Chills (ft. Camiliano)
14. Willie Stubz Drop
15. Narrow Path (ft. Willie Stubz)
16. Murder In The 16 Degree (ft. Reka The Saint)
17. Fill In The Blanks (ft. Verbal Harassment)
18. Starvin’ B Drop
19. Legal Ass Whoopin’ (Starvin’ B x Nutso)
20. Queens Get The Money (ft. Ray Mora)
21. Easily Crippled Drop
22. What I Do To Rhymes (ft. Easily Crippled, Hoffa, and Foul Monday)
23. Taste The Love (ft. Dox Boogie)
24. They Don’t Care About Us (ft. Ruc Da Jackel)


Unfortunately I am not going to have a chance to review this mixtape, but I did want to pass it on as something dope and noteworthy.  It’s a pretty quick listen as there are few drops and freestyles but well worth your time.  I am familiar with DJ Modesty from his previous work with Nutso, so I knew this mixtape was going to be worthwhile.  My favorite tracks are Narrow Path, Murder In The 16 Degree, and What I Do To Rhymes.

Spit Gemz – Trained Assassins (ft. Starvin’ B,Carmen Indhira, Shaz Illyork & Eff Yoo)

Why can’t I get a hold of the Welcome To Hellzgate project?  I am about to start a riot.  Every joint I have heard off of this album has been pure heat and this is the best one yet.   Lyrically, this lineup is responsible for bodying this beat from One Take.  Some really great lines and flows on this joint  But really, it’s Carmen Indhira who makes this a great song.   Love the voice on the chorus.  It just really holds all the verse together

We see you down here in Austin, Texas.


Unprecedented Vol. 2 Compilation (February 2012)

This is the best songs compiled from February 2012.  The 2nd such compilation in our series. It’s the best way to catch up on some of the dopest singles released in the month. Nothing but the best for you guys. Enjoy the streaming excellence….


1. Slaughterhouse – Hammer Dance
2. Fatal Lucciauno – Black Hoodie Rap (ft. Spac3man)
3. Don Streat – Rapper Shot Remix (ft. Termanology and Lil Fame)
4. Illmaculate – Under Their Radar, Over Their Heads
5. Kyo Itachi x Ruste Juxx – Hardest From The Underground
6. Sutter Kain – Traitor Remix (ft. Naymez x Donnie Darko)
7. The AbSoulJah – In My Element
8. Juan Deuce – People (ft. Romen Rok)
9. Shaz Illyork – Fly Creature (ft. Spit Gemz x Carmen Indhira x Stavin’ B)
10. Just Flow x MaV – Joey Crawford
11. Godilla – Rusty Machete
12. K-Hill – The Covenant
13. Locksmith – Illuminati

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