King Magnetic – WTF Happened (ft. GQ Nothin’ Pretty & DJ Revolution)

The Soulslicers released Slice Of Life about a month ago which might have had something to do with the release of this video.  WTF Happened is featured on that mixtape, as well as being featured on the 2012 release from King Magnetic, Everything’s A Gamble Vol. 3.

Magnetic is one of the most consistent artists out right now.   He’s got three albums and a slew of mixtapes under his belt and they all knock.

Definitely check the aforementioned projects when you get a chance.

Soulslicers – Another Part Of History (ft. El Lay and Sparkingtin)

The Soulslicers know beats.  Period.  These guys are crafting their rhythms to the top of the class.  I have really enjoyed everything that they have put out. 

This cut is coming from their Slice Of Life mixtape which can be downloaded at DJ Booth.  In terms of the emcees featured, we have bicoastal affair with El Lay and Sparkingtin each giving it a go around on the mic device.


EMS x Soulslicers – Past Doubt (Video)

The EMS team and the Swiss producers, Soulslicers, create a visual for, Past Doubt, which is coming off the new street album, Slice Of Life.  The album is available for free at DJ Booth.   I have listened to it and I can give you the green light to go get it (like you were waiting for that anyway).  This particular track is one of the smoothest cuts off of the album.


Skeezo – Face Value (2013)


Artist: Skeezo

Album: Face Value

Source: Artist



When I first heard some music from Skeezo I thought he was decent artist with a dope sound, but now that I have had ample time to listen to Face Value I am left with an entirely different impression:  This guy brings the streets to your headphones in dope fashion.  He is a creator, not a follower.

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Sparkingtin & The Soulslicers – Valentine (ft. Dre Goose)

Sparkingtin and Soulslicers did it once and they are about to do it again.  In 2011 they teamed up to drop The Exit Started It.  That EP was tight as hell.  I still walk around my house yelling upon occasion….Punch You In The Face For No Apparent Reason!   They are going to drop version 1.5 this spring and this joint sounds pretty ill to me.  What do you think?  I think this beat is going to sprain some necks…


Artist Spotlight: Skeezo

skeezo performing live

Last year was when I first became acquainted with Skeezo’s music.  My initial feeling was that this guy was bringing back that NYC hardcore rhyming that groups like Mobb Deep and MOP made prevalent back in the 1990s. The dude’s lyrics hit like a hammer and he is unafraid to spit those street mentality rhymes in a world that more appreciates the candy coated genre.

Last year he and I briefly touched on a showcase on HHD for his talents and with his album, Face Value looming next month, we felt it was the perfect opportunity for new fans to get to know that man behind the music.

So peep this interview and make sure you cop his album in March.  There’s some serious heat to occur.

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The AbSoulJah – The Real Type (Video)

The ill combination of The AbSoulJah and Soulslicers are responsible for this track and video right here.  These two also happen to be two of the most underrated artists in the game.  I have long been a fan of The AbSoulJah’s flow and street-centered lyricism and the Soulslicers had me hooked on their album, Boost Da Soul.

This track will be featured on two projects, The AbSouljah’s new album, Dim The Light and Soulslicers’ Slice Of Life mixtape.   The AbSoulJah also put me on ot th efact that he has a Free EP dropping at the end of the year.  You are going to want to stay tuned for that.

M-Dot – Layer Cake (2012)

Artist: M-Dot

Album: Layer Cake

Source: Artist


01. Intro
02. B-Sting (Produced By JoniZ)
03. 123 Flow (Produced By Kore)
04. Taggant Ft. Mayhem of EMS (Produced By Confidence & M-Credible) Cuts By DJ Family Tyz & DJ ToneDeff Cutz
05. The Difference (Produced By Soulslicers)
06. You Ain’t Ready Ft. Nutso (Produced By MidiFlash)
07. True Lies (Remix) Ft. Camp Lo & Tribeca (Produced By LP2)
08. Worldwide Ft. Armageddon (Produced By DJ Brans) Cuts By DJ Djaz
09. We Are (Produced By Onederkid)
10. Woke Up Ft. Mayhem of EMS (Produced By DJ LP2)
11. Interlude
12. The Doors Ft. EMS (Rev, Mayhem) & Olivia Pierson (Produced By LX Beats)
13. Unfukwitable (Produced By Sutter Kain)
14. Let it Out (Produced By DJ Connect)
15. El Mariachi Ft. Chaundon, Cymarshall Law & Daily Planet (Produced By Reef Ali) Cuts By DJ Grazzhoppa
16. Nothing To Fool With Ft. Hell Rell of Dipset & JTronius (Produced By FRZ)
17. Heavy Ft. Big Shug & Benefit of EMS (Produced By Norman Cratez) Cuts By DJ Reel Drama
18. Numerical Ft. Rev of EMS (Produced By Misanthropist)
19. Circulate Ft. Dominique Larue & Boycott Blues (Produced By DWill)
20. Wall Flowers (Produced By MidiFlash)
21. Think Twice (Remix) (Intro By DJ Premier) Ft. Av’Rex, Big Shug, Singapore Kane & Krumb Snatcha (Produced By DJ Brans) Cuts By DJ Djaz
22. Xmas Broke Ft. Rev of EMS (Produced By Norman Cratez)
23. Backstabbers (Produced By Gajos)


Our reigning champ, M-Dot, shot this project over to me many moons ago, while he has been galavanting around Europe on tour with the likes of that group you may have heard of,…Slaughterhouse.  Unfortunately it has taken me this long to get to do a write up on the project.  Really, Layer Cake, is a collection of guest spots, features, and rarities that M-Dot has put out or been a part of in the last 12 months.  While it isn’t an album, there are plenty of dope tracks collected together worth talking about.

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