Weekly Recommendation: Astro Vandalist – Astroduction (2018)


Artist:  Astro Vandalist

Album: Astroduction


1. DV alias Khryst – Astroduction
2. D-Strong – The reaper
3. Declaime feat Georgia Muldrow – Helicopters
4. Rasco – Live & learn
5. Blaq Poet feat Born Unique – In the danger zone
6. Ruste Juxx – Viking verses
7. Dro Pesci – Keep it street
8. Sadat X feat Nine – Nomical
9. Dirt Platoon – Bellyache
10. Born Unique – Dirt naps
11. El Gant feat Shabaam Shadeeq – Vandetta
12. FT feat Godsunz – Astro beast
13. Akbar – Off the grid (OTG)
14. Beneficence – Up in ya era
15. El Da Sensei – Bars & boastin’
16. John Robinson – Music never ends
17. Maylay Sparks feat DJ Too Tuff – Tally up


I am going to start featuring one album from the previous week every Monday because there is so much good music that I believe is going unheard.   And this album from French producer, Astro Vandalist,  is something that you guys need to be made aware of.  It’s 17 tracks of unadulterated and potent hip hop.  The beats really hit hard and you can see by this lineup of emcees that there are some heavy hitters on here.

Check out and cop the whole thing as it is worth every penny, but here are my favorite tracks if you want a sampling!

R.A. the Rugged Man – Sam Peckinpah (ft. Vinnie Paz x Sadat X) (Video)

Beware of any secret underground viewing chambers for any hip hop videos.  It may lead you to engage in some disturbing and violent acts as is the case with R.A. The Rugged Man’s video for Sam Peckinpah which features Vinnie Paz.  This is very near to some Clockwork Orange shit.   R.A.’s new album, Legends Never Die, has been out for some time so make sure you scoop it up.

Single You Out: Dragon Fli Empire – The Daily News Pt. 2 (ft. Sadat X)




Here’s another secret locked in the inbox for way too long.  I have been familiar with Dragon Fli Empire for the past four or five years.  They are known for that laid back and jazzy vibe hip hop.  And everyone know Sadat X (if you don’t, get up and leave your computer now, I need a moment).

In short, this is a dope joint.  The production has the horns buzzing and the emcees all capture the moment for a really chill joint.

This is the first single to the Empire’s forthcoming album, Mission Statement.


Ruste Juxx x The Arcitype – V.I.C. (2012)

Artist: Ruste Juxx x The Arcitype

Album: V.I.C.

Source:  Artist


01. V.I.C. (Intro) (feat. Zash Chinhara)
02. G.G.T.C.
03. Lava (feat. Termanology)
04. Can Only Be Me (feat. Genius)
05. The Life I Live (feat. Copywrite)
06. Jump Start (feat. DJ Slipwax, Jaysaun, Planet Asia & R.A. the Rugged Man)
07. Barbarian Bars (feat. Punchline)
08. Right There With Me (feat. XL, Sadat X & Skanks)
09. Rock to the Rhythm
10. She Get It In (feat. Genius)
11. The Walking Dead (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Guilty Simpson & Ill Bill)
12. Where They Be At
13. That La La La (feat. Craig G & General Steele)
14. Stand Strong (feat. Sarah Miller)
15. Something Outta Hopeless (feat. Aisling Peartree)
16. Champion (feat. King Magnetic) (Bonus)
17. Summertime on the Ave (feat. KiKi, Promise & Skanks) (Bonus)
18. Give Em What They Want (feat. Genius & Illa Ghee) (Bonus)
19. That La La La (the WEEDmix) (feat. Viceversah & Cortez) (Bonus)


I can say, without hesitation, that Ruste Juxx has been on of the most prolific artists in the last few years.  He has been featured donzens of times on other people’s projects. He has been on a a blistering pace of almost releasing two albums a year and V.I.C. is his second of 2012.  His first project this year was with French producer Kyo Itachi, entitled Hardbodied Hip Hop.  That album was outstanding and I thought Juxx had outdone himself with that effort but, V.I.C. expounds even further on that effort, making it one of the top notch albums of 2012.   I believe one of the reasons this album shines so bright is the beat selection from producer, The Arcitype.  He is able to fuse different sounds together for an album that I really hadn’t heard before and that only enables Ruste Juxx to showcase even more of what he can do with the microphone.

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Shabaam Sahdeeq – Degrees Of Separation (2012)

Shabaam Sahdeeq is undoubtedly a busy man and to show how much work he has been putting in lately, he’s assembled Degrees Of Separation for established fans and new listeners a like to get acquainted with what he’s been up to lately.  Degrees Of Separation includes a lot of the dope singles we have featured on HHD this year, a lot of guest shots that he’s been on, and some newer tracks I hadn’t heard yet.

As for my favorites?  I am glad you asked.   It’s got the Harry Fraud produced Futuristic which is one of my favorites not only of Sahdeeq but by any artist this year.  I am also partial to the Lewis Parker produced Walking On A Razor.    I am sure that you will appreciate the talent the man brings to the table after listening to the project and find a few favorites of your own.


Single You Out: Alterbeats – Alter Ego (ft. Sadat X, A.G., and Lion of Bordeaux)

This is the second single from Alterbeats forthcoming album, The French Revolution.  That project is dropping on June 26th.  Sadat X and AG rep on Alter Ego and sound impeccable.  I love the sound of the horn throughout the track.  It has that dusty-jazz appeal, though still remaining gritty. I can’t wait for this project to drop.   It’s going to be a banger!

Lewis Parker – Walking On A Razor (ft. Sadat X x Shabaam Sahdeeq) (Video)

This song is 100% hip hop!  Sahdeeq, X, and Parker all shine on the mic but Parker’s production is the stunner on this one.  I love the cuts and the vocal sample.  The beat is just deep and interesting.   Visually, I like the concept and the transitions were done seamlessly. If you like the track, you can DL it for free.

Cold Heat – Raising The Bar (2011)

Artist: Cold Heat

Album: Raising The Bar

Source: ITunes


01. Nobodies Leaving Alive
02. Hard To Chill
03. Raising The Bar (feat. Blacastan & Craig G)
04. Thinking Out Loud
05. Flashing
06. Spanish Guitars (feat. Nico The Beast, SR, Neta, Meyhem Lauren)
07. Looking For You
08. Rolling Through (feat. Keith Spitz)
09. When You Coming Home
10. Given This World
11. Place Near You
12. Man On The Mic
13. Taking It All (feat. Sadat X & J-Love)
14. Smoke That Drink (feat. Blaq Poet)


You know what upsets me? People telling me that Cold Heat is an up and coming hip hop group. Damn! These guys have been around for a while and working with some of the most storied artists in the NYC. Quit acting like Jak Daniels and Johnny Walker are a couple of new jacks. There album from 2006, Bar Hoppin’ is one of the most slept on albums in the last five years.

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