Single You Out: The 17th – Don’t Care (ft. Joell Ortiz and Hollaatcha​ Gwalla)


The 17th releases yet another dope single from his forthcoming project,  Inside Jokes With Complete Strangers.  This time The 17th is exchanging bars with Slaughterhouse brethren Joell Ortiz and still isn’t out shined.  He simply is one of the preeminent spitters in this game.  He brings so much personality to his bars that no one is even coming close to duplicating.   Extra special notice be given to the John Bobbitt line (look it up young ones).

I believe that the new album is dropping this month, but I could be wrong…check back accordingly.

Local-Mu12 – Welcome to Local-Mu12 [Prod. By Real McKoy] (Video)

Local-Mu12 is on the move!  Possibly my favorite camp doing it right now.   They have such diverse styles and those styles give birth to this track, Welcome to Local-Mu12 produced by Real McKoy.  The song is one of those subtle bangers that don’t overtly make your head bob, but then by the end of the track you realize your neck is sore.   You can cop the collective album, Labor Day, for a full feel as to what the crew has to offer.


Single You Out: The 17th – God’s Away on Business (Feat Elise 5000)



I am honored to be the first to bring to you The 17th’s new single, God’s Away On Business.  I interviewed The 17th last year because the man’s writing skills are of the next level variety.   He also does his own production and his beats are on par with some of the best names in the business.   So when something new drops from the man, I want HHD to be at least a small part of it.

God’s Away On Business is bound to turn more than just a few heads.   While not necessarily refuting personal belief systems, The 17th does make an interesting and well made case to turn those systems on their head. He provides a number of different analogies to make his points, controversial though they may be.  He addresses the difficulties in believing in someone he has never seen just because society feels compelled.   Check this small snippet of the song:

Oh God, dear God, I hope that you exist. So i can live my life with purpose and with happiness. And when I put my hands together and I pray to you, please dont have something else to do. To you, from me, to you. 

This song is the first single from The 17th’s forthcoming project, Inside Jokes With Complete Strangers.  Stay tuned.

Local-Mu12 – LABOR DAY (Album Sampler)

I don’t post promotional material as a rule of thumb, but  I have a special place in my heart for music made by the Local-Mu12 collective.  I have actually been asking about the status of this release for a couple of months now as it was originally slated for a Labor Day release.  It got pushed back with the ever popular TBD release.  But now it’s hitting the interwebs on December 17th so write that date down.  This is a quick sampler of the entire album and if this doesn’t wet your appetite, you MFers can simply stay malnourished!

Artist Spotlight: The 17th

local_artist shoot day 1 still

Today I am proud to bring you one of the most innovative talents in hip hop today, The 17th.  I have been literally amazed with the concepts and quality of his music so it was only natural to ask him a few questions.  As a member of the collective Local-MU12 his name is gaining more and more exposure, or notoriety, whichever you may prefer.    Look for The 17th to become a household name in the homes of every hip hop head very soon.    Enjoy The Interview!

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Stryfe and Marc Byrd – Organ Donor (ft. Miz Korona & Skorpion) (Video)

I missed this one as it came straight from the butcher’s shop.  Stryfe authors up a certified banger with an assist from Miz Korona.   Some great lines embedded in these flows and I am looking forward to Stryfe’s project dropping come some time in May.  I hope to get a solid date on that soon.

If anyone at all it not up on Local-Mu12 artists they need to get familiar because it’s this camp that’s set itself apart from the others starting last year.

Single You Out: Punchline – Dream Chasing (Ft. Niyah, Fokis, The 17th & Asha)


Punchline brings us a new and dope cut to enjoy bringing alongside label mates Fokis and The 17th  among others to showcase their talents.  The song has a great vibe and really got me in the mood to post some doper material I have been put on to as of late.  One of the things that is subtle and may go unnoticed is the added vocal touches in the background.  The devil is in the details and that puts this track just up one more notch.