Gripz x Rigz (Da Cloth) – Gimmicks (Prod Boger) (Video)

One of the artists we have repped with since our inception has been Gripz, and now he’s been upping the ante, linking up with one of our more recent stalwarts on the site, Rigz.  The two prove to be a dynamic combination for the track, Gimmicks.   Lots of well crafted bars on this joint with production laced from Boger.

This track is lifted from the forthcoming album from Gripz, GunPowder, dropping in a couple weeks time.

Gripz – Heavens Demon (2016)


Artist: Gripz

Album: Heavens Demon


1. Only Time Will Tell
2. Angel Tears
3. Nobody
4. Broken Mirror
5. Pack Up My Bones
6. The Darkness
7. Interlude
8. Ice cold
9. Heavens Demon
10. Physcotic Thoughts
11. Fuck Your Opinion
12. Birds Eye View
13. Not A Regular Jam
14. Never Fold


Heavens Demon is the culmination of years of effort from behind the mic by Gripz.  And while the man is a prolific writer, this is actually the first full length project from the man since 2010, when he dropped Angels vs. Demons.

The time between projects was spent releasing a single here and a single there, but in 2016 the beast is unleashed.  And what you should know is that his pen game has only gotten better since he first began.  When you listen to this album you are going to experience the pain and the angst this man feels in every bar.   You are going to rock with emotion of self-doubt and then build up to the uncompromising confidence he possesses.

Gripz is an artist that needs to have his voice heard and his talent exposed.  Heavens Demon is the vehicle by which he gets that done.  Give it a listen.

Single You Out: Gripz – Heavens Demon (prod. by Dizzee Beats)

Oh wow!  You would be hard pressed to hear a better flow in 2015.  Gripz completely decimated this production from Dizzee Beats.   This is some of the best rhyme content I have heard from Gripz.  He is bringing the diabolic front in center with intricate wordplay and clever references.  His lines referencing George Zimmerman and Donald Trump reflect some serious tenacity.

The other thing I like, is that Gripz slowed down the flow and allows the listener to absorb every line.  Y’all should be loving this!

Single You Out: Gripz – Walk In My Shoes (ft. Marka) (prod. by Anno Domini)

How can you truly judge a man if you’ve never been where he’s been?  Good question.  You can’t. With  the bars contained in this track you can here the intensity and frustration with which this man spits.  I have been a fan of Gripz for more than just a few years.  He has an unrelenting passion for rocking mics, but if you listen closely to his verses he’s also afflicted with OCD, which at times makes creating music near impossible.  He doesn’t shy away from this fact.  And while we may never know what that’s like for Gripz, he lets his bars go on this Anno Domini producer banger.   Fuel for the fire….

Be on the lookout for Poetic Literature Vol. 3 to be put out on Anno Domini’s label, hopefully in the near future.

Single You Out: Gripz – Dead Presidents (prod. by Anno Domini)


Gripz is going after it right now.  I can’t blame him.  He’s been away from the game for a minute and he’s ready to make the push for his latest effort, Poetic Literature Vol. 3.   Gripz is on my short list for the best emcee you have probably never heard.  He consistently spits flames and now he’s got Anno Domini all over this new project.  That’s the combination I have been pushing for.   This track is a different vibe, but the same dope result.  I’m going to keep telling you people until it sinks in.


Single You Out: Gripz – I Do Me (prod. by Anno Domini)


Let me re-introduce my readership to Gripz.  This man was one of my favorite indie emcees as of two years ago.  He released a couple of mixtapes and countless dope freestyles.   For a while, he has been in the background, handling his business, but now he has resurfaced with this Anno Domini produced banger.  His flow is still as relentless as ever, and is definitely something that you all should enjoy.   In my mind, if Gripz keeps on his grizzle hard, he could make a huge leap in 2013/2014.  Poetic LIiterature Vol. 3 is in the works.  Believe!