Single You Out: Grey Sky Appeal x Esh The Monolith – Flatbush

Grey Sky Appeal have linked up with New England emcee, Esh The Monolith, for their new project, Moon Balloon.  The entire project is eclectic and interesting.  It’s in no danger of being mistaken for anything else that you have heard.   Just like the track, Flatbush, the album treads on the abstract but still maintains the the head nod effect.   Lyrically…be prepared to utilize the rewind button.  There’s a ton of depth here!

Top 5 EPs (2013)


1) Theo 3Enticement I always agonize over the best EPs, because I think the shorter releases are always going to be more tightly construed then longer releases.   Thusly there are doper, more potent releases, in this format.  But there are was not a doper five songs put together for an EP than Enticement.  It features production from Psycho Les and The Audible Doctor, and some really great lyricism.


2) SupastitionThe Blackboard Don’t call it a comeback!  When Supastition decided to re-enter the realm of making music, I felt uplifted.  He’s simply one of my favorite emcees.  With The Blackboard,  he came back in rare form with some great production, lyricism, and concepts.  The release it the total package and a forbearance of what’s to come.


3) Grey Sky AppealOccam’s Razor  Grey Sky Appeal have such a unique and clever sound and although this EP was crafted on a tour back in 2011, it didn’t see the light of day until 2013.  You can check out our full review of the project HERE.


4) SkeezoFace Value In terms of sheer knockability (yes, that’s a word), no EP hit harder than this one.  This is EP is chocked full of bangers with superlative production on raw rhymes.  There’s also a lot of replayability in this short project.  Skeezo is one of those names that should be at the forefront when it comes to emcees to watch for 2014.


5) Nutso x 5th SealI Plead The 5th – In the end, this EP was impossible to leave off the list even with the stiff competition.   It has one of the best tracks of the year in PAIN and also contains the certified bangers, Blood & Bones and Planet Of the Apes.  5th Seal and Nutso prove to be one of the best producer/emcee collaborations in 2013.

Grey Sky Appeal x Qwel – Occam’s Razor (2013)


Artist:  Grey Sky Appeal x Qwel

Album: Occam’s Razor

Source: Twitter



Two notable forces have collided to provide you with the project, Occam’s Razor.  One is noted Chicago lyricist Qwel, and the other is underrated New York based group, Grey Sky Appeal. I have been a fan of both, but Grey Sky Appeal is one of those groups I wish more people knew about.  Their skill is unheralded but really merit notoriety as they can spit with the best of them and have a knack for dope production.

It seems that this project started with Qwel rocking over some unfinished beats from GSA’s producer Taj during a tour in New England.   Grey Sky Appeal then took to build upon Qwel’s work, add their verses, and finish the production to create Occam’s Razor.  It’s not your typical EP.  You are really going to have to pay attention to the intricate lyricism or these bars could easily pass you by.

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