Nutso & Dee Metto – This Is What They Like (Video)

Every time I feel a little bit of misgiving about the music that’s collecting in my mail box I get that one gem that lightens the load.  Today that gem is Nutso and Dee Metto video, This Is What They Like,  from their extremely fresh EP, Fluushang Metto.  The music is raw and the video adds a not of a seductive element with the women masquerading in the red and black backdrop.

Bottom line:   If you want that REAL  Hip Hop…you should have already copped this album.

Single You Out: Nutso & Dee Metto – Welcome To The Terror



Ahhhh yeah!  I’ve been waiting for this collaboration between our Artist of the Year, Nutso and one of my favorite producers, Dee Metto.  It gets no realer than this, folks.  Dee Metto hits with production that sounds like audible terrorist attack and Nutso drops some slick/tough wordplay.  I am going to assume that this is the intro track for their forthcoming project, Fluushang Metto, which drops on March 1st.