Single You Out: Ancient Alienz – Angels Of Death (ft. Donnie Darko x Sutter Kain)


DJ Bless (Sutter Kain) has been talking about this project for a while and now we get our first sampling of what it’s going to be about.  And if we get a whole album of this type of music, then consider me all in.  This track starts out soulful and then the darkness sets in.   The piano and the vocal sample that Sutter Kain provides is just the right mood for these bars.  And speaking of bars,  Ancient Alienz can spit some!  Be on the lookout for their new project in the coming months.


Donnie Darko – Life Vol. 1

Artist: Donnie Darko

Album: Life Vol. 1

Source: Never So Deep


1. The Day After
2. Won’t Stop (ft. Ancient Alienz)
3. D.m.t. (ft. Sutter Kain)
4. Life
5. Appreciation
6. Brutality (ft. Ancient Alienz)
7. Altered Beast


Emotion and energy epitomize what Never So Deep is all about and there is not better ambassador for NSD then Donnie Darko.  He rhymes with such raw emotion and intensity that you can not help but feel those words he is spitting.  He channels his angst and creates fire over Sutter Kain production.

What can you expect from a Donnie Darko release?   The man is relentless, driven, and brash.  He throws caution to the wind several times throughout Life Vol.1.  He could care less about his detractors.  He’s talented, he knows that, and he’s going to let you know that, time and time again.  You know this from the jump with the track, The Day After.

…they ain’t believe, I’m coming back with a vengeance / New flow, yeah,  I really dare to be different / Shot after shot, no time to be sippin’ / Rap need life, and I’m the heart it’s been missin’ / Listen, it’s a whole new lane, new ball game / Real recognize real and you all lame / You can have the Roset, it ain’t strong enough / I need 1800, I’m going to pour it up

He spits bars of this variety with well paced fury over the hard hitting drums of Sutter Kain’s production throughout the track.

Won’t Stop is another banger in which Darko tandems with his label mates, Ancient Alienz.  This beat feels like vintage Sutter Kain.  The sample is well chosen and polished to perfection and when paired with the horns, it provides the perfect atmosphere for the emcees to shine.  But it’s Darko who sines brightest:

Never said I’m a boss, I’m my own man / Team NSD, I rep my own brand / Ancient Alienz, Jugganot and Osirus / The livest are the weakest, strong moving in silence / So I never talk unless spoken to / Man, I killed the mic and murdered the booth

Probably the most innovative production I have heard in a while comes from the Sutter Kain produced Altered Beast.  It features a sample from the popular video game from the 90s that goes by the same name.  Now, this is something I wouldn’t encourage other producers to do.  You have to be maticulous and on point to pull off something like this or else it could border on corny.  Luckily, Sutter Kain is both of those things.  He refines the sound until all you can here is dopeness.  Darko takes complete advantage of this by taking on all comers with a ‘put your money where your mouth is’ mentality.

Donnie Darko’s Life Vol 1, is not for sensitive ears, nor for the faint of heart.  But neither is any of NSD’s material.  Darko rocks mics with the heart of a champion and complete disregard for those who doubt him. He could care less about the commentary of critics and whatever else is going on in the industry.  He is making music for himself and his peers, intent on breaking down the barriers to success.  Life Vol. 1 is the musical embodiment of that idea.  Middle fingers in the air if you disagree…

Single You Out: Sutter Kain – Winter Music Part 4 (ft. Mr. Grimm and Donnie Darko)

I am fully on board with the Never So Deep movement.  Sutter Kain (DJ Bless) and Donnie Darko have done so much to impress me over the last six or so months.  I know that I am late on this, but it’s better to be late to the party than never to have arrived at all.

As usual, Sutter Kain, laces a banging beat.  The keys in production remind me of an organ that the Phantom of the Opera would be playing.  The emcees all sledgehammer the track (means hitting it hard).  Really dope music coming from this camp so stay tuned…


Unprecedented Vol. 2 Compilation (February 2012)

This is the best songs compiled from February 2012.  The 2nd such compilation in our series. It’s the best way to catch up on some of the dopest singles released in the month. Nothing but the best for you guys. Enjoy the streaming excellence….


1. Slaughterhouse – Hammer Dance
2. Fatal Lucciauno – Black Hoodie Rap (ft. Spac3man)
3. Don Streat – Rapper Shot Remix (ft. Termanology and Lil Fame)
4. Illmaculate – Under Their Radar, Over Their Heads
5. Kyo Itachi x Ruste Juxx – Hardest From The Underground
6. Sutter Kain – Traitor Remix (ft. Naymez x Donnie Darko)
7. The AbSoulJah – In My Element
8. Juan Deuce – People (ft. Romen Rok)
9. Shaz Illyork – Fly Creature (ft. Spit Gemz x Carmen Indhira x Stavin’ B)
10. Just Flow x MaV – Joey Crawford
11. Godilla – Rusty Machete
12. K-Hill – The Covenant
13. Locksmith – Illuminati

Listen Here