DJ Low Cut – Dusty Robbery (2013)


DJ Low Cut was the first producer we ever highlighted here on HHD and it’s only right that we continue to show our support.  This project is interesting because it focuses on the samples and music that Low Cut procured for a particular song.  Each track gets a brief reference point, so that the listener can hear the music he drew inspiration from.

This is the word from his PR Team:

As a retrospective of what DJ Low Cut released this past few years, Dusty Robbery brings the light on the dusty vinyls he dig to produce every track. What you’re about to hear is a mix of original music DJ Low Cut used and songs he did with those.

Producer’s Spotlight: DJ Low Cut (2013)


Today HHD is bringing you it’s initial offering of it’s Producer’s Spotlight.  The idea is a product of how unheralded and under appreciated the producer has become in today’s hip hop world.  Artists crank out albums so quickly these days that it’s hard to sink your teeth into an individual project and give credit where it’s due.

I chose DJ Low Cut (Twitter, Facebook) as my first entry because he has been prolific over the course of the last year or two.  He has so much dope material out there that his name deserves that recognition and his product deserves to be listened to and appreciated.  He also just recently dropped and EP with one of my favorite emcees, Nutso, called In The Cut.

This is not done in interview format but rather I am asking producers to provide a bio and some of their favorite cuts of which they handled the beats.

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Single You Out: Dirt Platoon – Second Brokest (Dj Brans Remix, Cuts Dj Djaz)


This remix of Dirt Platoon’s Second Brokest by DJ Brans is off of the France’s Finest NY Minute Remix project that is dropping in online stores this Tuesday.   There are going to be a lot of big names on this project and A LOT of talent from some French producers.  I am excited about this album  from the standpoint it is going to showcase the wears of a lot of talented beatsmiths from across the Atlantic that you otherwise may not hear.