Single You Out: Makempay – Put In Work (ft. PrimeTime) (prod. by Dee Metto)

Dee Metto is always breaking us off with some dope music and this joint from Makempay is no different.   Put In Work is a cut that’s going to creep in your mind and lurk there for a while. Metto laces this laid back rhythm that also carries with it a little intensity.  Makempay and guest, PrimeTime then serve the listener a healthy helping of dope bars.  You couldn’t ask for more.

Nutso & Dee Metto – This Is What They Like (Video)

Every time I feel a little bit of misgiving about the music that’s collecting in my mail box I get that one gem that lightens the load.  Today that gem is Nutso and Dee Metto video, This Is What They Like,  from their extremely fresh EP, Fluushang Metto.  The music is raw and the video adds a not of a seductive element with the women masquerading in the red and black backdrop.

Bottom line:   If you want that REAL  Hip Hop…you should have already copped this album.

Single You Out: Makempay – Only Us (ft. Primetime & Rah Bigalow)

Dee Metto not only is a dope producer but he also puts me onto a lot of other dope individuals because of his work.   Makempay (one of the best monnikers I have heard in a while)  is a truly talented emcee who puts a lot of energy into the track as does his guests Primetime and Rah Bigalow. Dee Metto only makes bangers, so you know to expect nothing less. If you enjoy this track make sure you check out Makempay’s new mixtape, Bulletproof Love Pt 2.

Single You Out: Nutso & Dee Metto – Welcome To The Terror



Ahhhh yeah!  I’ve been waiting for this collaboration between our Artist of the Year, Nutso and one of my favorite producers, Dee Metto.  It gets no realer than this, folks.  Dee Metto hits with production that sounds like audible terrorist attack and Nutso drops some slick/tough wordplay.  I am going to assume that this is the intro track for their forthcoming project, Fluushang Metto, which drops on March 1st.

Artist Of The Year: Nutso (2013)


It is an honor and a privilege to present to you the Hip Hop Dependency Artist Of The Year for 2013: Nutso (Twitter, Facebook, Website, YouTube).   I have been a huge fan of Nutso for a long time but this was a banner year for him. He really went above and beyond what the rest of the pack is doing.  There are A LOT of talented artists, but very few have the work ethic and the drive that Nutso does.  In 2013, he released dope project after dope project and he has no intentions of stopping that pace in 2014.

It’s one thing to be dope.  It’s entirely another thing to be relentless.  Nutso is both.   He is constantly creating with a slew of different producers and finding new avenues to push the envelope of his music.  All the while he builds on the foundation that is New York Boom-Bap.

So without further ado, I bring you words from the man himself, as he graciously agreed to answer a few questions from HHD.  Be sure to check his older projects along with his current ones, and prepare for the future!:

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Swinn Da Example – Get It Right (Video)

Dee Metto put me on to this artist he had done some production for, Swinn Da Example.   I had never heard of him previously, so I didn’t know what to expect, but Metto’s cosign was all I needed to give it a chance.  I started off by listening to his mixtape, Off Da Back Burnah.    After the first few cuts from the album, I heard Swinn intermingling theology in his rhymes, which really accentuated his skills.  It was intelligent design.   But past track three of the mixtape I began to realize that this man was a devout Christian in addition to being an ill spitter.  I was impressed.  The man is convicted and has a powerful message to deliver which he does with exceptional skill over some boom bap beats.   This track is all about getting right in this life and ready for the next.  You need to do the most you can with your time here and stop slipping into your sinful ways.  I, as a delinquent Christian, was pretty moved by the project.  I think you should keep your minds open.


Producer’s Spotlight: Dee Metto (2013)


Dee Metto’s music and sound go hand in hand with what we are promoting here on HHD.   He creates banging beats that are rooted in that 1990s boom bap.  There’s no soft material coming from this man’s studio in Switzerland.  So it’s only natural that we feature the man’s work here and give this dope producer his due.   Check him on Twitter, Facebook, and his Website.

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The Undergrind (Mirage512, Side Effect, D.O.S) – So Real (Video) (Dee Metto Remix)

The Undergrind, Austin, Texas’ heavy hitters are back with a hard and gritty remix for their track, So Real.   Mirage512 and Side Effect call upon Swiss producer Dee Metto to give the track a grimy appeal, and they asked the right man.  Dee Metto is one of my favorite producers  and we will be doing a feature on him very shortly.  Also, they solicit the rhymes of D.O.S. who I have never heard of before, and he brings some tough bars to the project.   Definitely notable.