Loose Logic – The Vault – Cypher Sessions (2016)


Artist: Loose Logic

Album: The Vault – Cypher Sessions


  1. Don’t Talk About Me
  2. Cold Blooded
  3. Spartans & Greek Gods
  4. UOT Cypher
  5. 10 Man Cypher
  6. A Moment of Clarity
  7. Barfax
  8. Blood Brothers
  9. C.P. Cypher
  10. Rigamortis
  11. Us vs. Everybody
  12. Breathe
  13. Not Expendable
  14. Suicide Squad


I am not sure what’s going on with The Fraternity at the moment but Loose Logic fired this off on his Bandcamp page and it’s loaded with that Fraternity business.  Every cut is a posse cut filled with nothing but bars.  There are too many artists to list and link on here so forgive me.  There are no hooks…just ill lyricism.  You have a diversity of styles from the crew that range from the gritty to the crisp.   I really enjoyed every cut.  As each joint is a posse cut, some of them are pretty long, heading past the seven minute mark, but it’s also something you rarely notice as the lyricism is so good.

Check it out.  It’s free, however, I would suggest dropping a few duckets to contribute to the cause!  Below are my two favorite joints.

Sleep (The Fraternity) – 3 Corners (ft. Cocaine Chris and Kue The Vandal) (Video)

New banger from The Fraternity camp entitled 3 Corners.   The Dope Antelope brings that boom-bap front and center while Sleep, Kue, and Chris warn that ‘you either with us or against us’.  Rest assured brethren, The Dependency is with you. Pay close attention to Chris’ wordplay, he has some really nice gems woven in there.

2 Man Cypher – Broken (ft. Koren Jackson)

If this song and video doesn’t get you, you are cold m’fer.   The illest duo making hip hop takes a look at the bottom of the barrel of humanity with their single, Broken.  Sleep and Cocaine Chris are like the ghosts in the room looking at the harm a man can do not only to himself but also his loved ones.  If this song sounded dope to you, then I suggest you peep their new project, Queen City Bastards, because the album is loaded with top choice cuts.

Cocaine Chris (2 Man Cypher) – Statistics (Video)

This video is older (from three months ago) than I would normally post.  But I need  a late pass on all the music The Fraternity has been putting out.  This joint is from Cocaine Chris’ album, Cain & Glory, and is produced by none other than, Dope Antelope.   This track is not only dope but it’s also a very poignant description of what’s going on in a lot of urban epicenters.   The album, as a whole, is also very impressive.

I am not playing when I say that 2 Man Cypher/The Fraternity and Dope Antelope are at the forefront of keeping real hip hop alive and well.   I have checked quite a few albums from the back catalog and they are all high quality.  I can’t wait to hear more material from the camp.

2-Man Cypher – Queen City Bastards (2014)


Artist: 2-Man Cypher (Sleep x Cocaine Chris)

Album: Queen City Bastards


1. A Message From The Fans – Buzzin’ (Intro)
2. Locklandville
3. The Hunted
4. Project 48
5. Ain’t Playing With You
6. Broken ft. Koren Jackson
7. Lady In Black
8. Queen City Bullies (ft. Mike Tombs)
9. Heartless (ft. Koren Jackson)
10.First Born
11.Sad World (ft. Trademark Aaron & Nick Pedigo)
12.Top 5 (Cuts by DJ Madhandz)


The first few weeks of 2014 have been extremely slow for music, especially GOOD music.  But when I heard Queen City Bastards, I got excited.   And it takes a lot for a blogger to get excited about music because we go through so much of it on a daily basis.

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The Fraternity – 2014 10 Man Cypher (Prod. by Dope Antelope)

The Fraternity is 10 emcees scattered across North America who are all very dope with unique styles.  I have never heard all the members on one track before and at almost ten minutes I get to hear the complete camp over a scintillating Dope Antelope production.  I usually don’t post singles in YouTube format but I like how you are able to get a visual of each emcee and learn more about where you can hear more music from each artist.  You are bound to hear an emcee you like in this cypher, if not all of them.  Stay tuned for more material as HHD is going to be a prime supporter in 2014.  Bet!

Here are the members if you want to check them out individually: Jus Ra, Loose Logic, J-Scriptz, Speciez, Xavier Medina, Kue the Vandal, Frank Knight, Annex, Cocaine Chris, and Sleep.