Blaq Poet – Looking For Trouble (ft. Vinnie Paz, Chino XL & Spit Gemz) (Video)

We dropped the single for this cut not all that long ago.  Blaq Poet now releases the video which is a montage of a variety of flicks to reflect the verses of the song.    There are too many scenes to list.  The song of course stands on it’s own merits.  You can’t go wrong in having Vinnie Paz, Chino XL, and Spit Gemz on your track.   That’s a win every time.   Blaq Death is slated for a November 12th release date.  Make sure you check for that.


Jesse Abraham – I Am Water (2013)


Artist: Jesse Abraham

Album: I Am Water

Source: Artist


1. Overture
2. I Ain’t Sh!t – I’m The Sh!t
3. Back Off
4. Parallels ft. Emilio Rojas & TreZure EmpirE
5. You’re Not A Ghost Anymore
6. 1der 2der
7. Never Felt High Til Now ft. Nitty Scott, MC
8. The Scene
9. I’ve Tried ft. Chino XL
10. Brush Your Teeth
11. Gottdamn Superhero Penguin
12. Hurdles
13. Hi, Heaven
14. Die Holding Hands

Jesse Abraham is a model of convention.  Ok.  I hate to start off with a blatant lie but I felt the need to check to see if you really know who Abraham is.  If you had checked our previous review of Abrhams’ Bars & NoBull, you would understand that he is the anti-thesis of conventions.  Think of the most standard rhyme schemes and ideas and then toss those ideas from your mind as you begin to partake in I Am Water.

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Single You Out: Chino XL – Eye (The Stomp)

If you are not eagerly anticipating RICANstruction: The Black Rosary next Tuesday, I question if you have a pulse!  Chino XL is unquestionably a Top 5 lyricist of all time (don’t doubt).   And on this joint, what more would you expect other than Chino penning, then spitting murderous verses?  You wouldn’t expect anything less…

Who else can mingle ideas of J-Dilla, Pegasus, and the Armenian Genocide all in one song?  No one.


Single You Out: Chino XL – N.I.C.E.

Ask me who is the illest lyricist of all time and Chino XL’s names has to enter into that conversation.  He is one of those artists that just calls you attention when he spits his bars.  Just a man who is in total command of his craft.  I can not wait until his album,  The RICANstruction: The Black Rosary, drops.  But if this is what the entire project will sound like, I think the populous is in for a treat.  Enjoy the first single from the album!


Markmywords – Dying Breed ft. Blame One and Chino XL B/W Wage War (Singles)

I am not going to do this very often.  I HATE listing singles and talking about a couple of tracks.   Every blog does that and it seems redundant.  But with that being said, that just makes this particular post all that more special.   Markmywords new single is absolutely beasting!  The verses that Blame One, Chino XL, and Markmywords drop on Dying Breed set such a high standard that I needed to shed light on the single.

I first got put on to Markmywords last year from his album, entitled Homeland Security – Nature Of The Beast.  I like what I heard from this San Diego native and was definitely excited to hear his new material.  Dying Breed/Wage War does not disappoint on any level.  Check them and download!