Single You Out: illmaculate – Stay Humble (prod. by Chase Moore)

Now illmaculate and Chase Moore are just showing off.  This is just insane.  Moore kills the boards with something that leans a little more melancholy while illmaculate resists the temptation of simply looking down on the competition.  The music he makes does the talking needed.  This is a major win for artist and listener alike.  Nice Poe line in the opening stanza if you listen close.

Single You Out: Illmaculate – Do Not Disturb (prod. by Chase Moore)



Are you kept in the comfort of your conformity?   Do you feel safe in your ignorance?  Does too much knowledge bother you and it’s easier to be stuck on stupid?   If you answered yes to any of these questions then DO NOT listen to this song.  It will surely give you anxiety.  Illmaculate knows that most of you are comfortable in the ‘pretend’ world and he’s anxious to rattle your cage over this Chase Moore beat.  This is the lead single to his new album coming out in March, Clay Pigeons.

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OnlyOne & 9DM EP (2013)



This EP is probably flying pretty low on the radar but I am about to bring truth to the light so to speak.  Anything OnlyOne puts out gets posted on the regular here on HHD.  We also featured 9DM here a couple of years ago with his collaboration with Lawz Spoken,  You’ll Never Be Famous.  That project was impressive.   This one is equally so.  It’s short, sweet, and FREE.  You’ve also got dope production from Hippie Sabotage and Chase Moore.   OnlyOne and 9DM are vets in the battle scene and they bring that combative element to their music as well.   Their lyrics do not compromise and they hit opponents and listeners the same…mercilessly.  The two soundlcoud singles are below although my favorite tracks from the project are the last two:  Robbed A Bank and Stole A Car.   The production on those songs are exceptional.  

If you enjoy Sandpeople music or are a fan of these artists on the battle circuit you should download this.  You can get it HERE

OnlyOne – OnlyOne x Furtado Yuen Vol. 2 (2013)



Artist: OnlyOne

Album: OnlyOne x Furtado Yuen Vol. 2



I hate to beat a dead horse here but when are people going to fully appreciate what OnlyOne can do on the mic?  To quote from his previous project with Furtado Yuen…he’s “so professional”.  I am not going to do a full review of this EP, but I did want to let you know that it dropped and hit some highlights.

Furtado Yuen and OnlyOne have cooked up some good chemistry in the lab and it’s only natural that they breathe life into another musical endeavor.  Yuen’s style is based on a lot of electronic rhythms and bass.  It comes across really powerful with OnlyOne’s deliberate cadence and delivery.  His pen game is exceptional. I like the whole EP, but the first three cuts are the strongest with the aforementioned Monster’s Ink being the showstopper.

The project is free but if you like good music, you should contribute.  Let artists know that you appreciate their efforts.  I say drop $5 in their pockets and let them know that Hip Hop Dependency sent you.



Single You Out: OnlyOne – Monsters Ink (ft. Chase Moore & Al-G)




I love it.  Absolutely love it.  OnlyOne drops nothing but heat and now he’s once again teamed up with producer Furtado Yuen for the second installment of their collaborative EPs.  The first one is still on repeat in the rotation.  Professional is my personal favorite cut off of that project but I digress (pick that up if you have not already)

This is a complete song from the bars to the production to the chorus.  All hip hop heads will be liable to play this joint…