Silent Knight – Busy Is My Best Friend (2011)

Artist: Slient Night

Album: Busy Is My Best Friend

Source:  Been Knowing About This One


1. Proof of Life
2. Grind Mode (ft. Braille)
3.  Stayin’ Busy
4. Fortify (ft. Gift Of Gab and Iam)
5. What Would I Do (ft. Neenah and Kam Moye)
6. Salute (ft. KON)
7. Back In The Trenches
8. SK All Day
9. Build Truths
10. The Noid (ft. MeLa Machinko)
11. Forca
12. Tomorrow Remix (featuring Soul Qloc of The Band Called FUSE)
13. Must Begin


This is easily one of my most anticipated releases of the year.  Ever since I heard The Audible Doctor produced cut, Stayin’ Busy, I have wanted to hear the entire album from Silent Knight.  And now that I finally have it in my hands (after waiting  months upon months), I am not disappointed in the least.  SK has a commanding presence on the mic and that becomes more and more apparent with each track on Busy Is My Best Friend.

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