Nelson Dialect x Must Volkoff – Storm Boy (Video)

This song is illy of the best kind!  I am really loving the vibe.  The production from Must Volkoff is almost like taking an auditory vacation.    It lets the mind drift a little, while the lyrics from Nelson Dialect keep you guided on the journey.    It’s just beautiful hip hop being made.

Really enjoying this so I am probably going to enjoy the album Magnetism when it drops on June 22nd.

Australia representing!!!

Longshot and Lazerbeak – Here For A Reason (Video)

Longshot and Lazerbeak release a little optimism and a lot of purpose in their latest single, Here For A Reason.  It’s uptempo and high energy track that will leave an indelible impression upon you.   Not a lot of people are making music in this fashion, so we have something that is unique, yet irresistibly dope.

Longshot has been doing his thing in Chicago for quite a while and I have oft thought about him as an unheralded talent.  But I think there is some more recognition coming here.

New collaborative album arrives on June 8th, Parades.

Skeptika – The Hour of Death f. SPNDA, Relentless and REKS (Video)

Oh now this is ill on so many different levels!  Skeptika concocted a toxically addictive brew by fusing that boom bap and some East Indian rhythms.  The rhymes from SPNDA, Relentless, and Reks are all on point.

But the concept of the video is pretty unique and epic having female actors mouth the emcee’s lyrics while articulating an all out action scene.

What’s not to love here?  Nothing.  You love everything!  And you should.

Skeptika has an album dropping in the fall called West Of Eden.  I am going to keep my eyes peeled.

Estee Nack – Excellence (prod. by MichaelAngelo) (Video)

Estee Nack can flow over any type of beat and lately he’s been rocking over a lot of production devoid of drums.  And while this may not be for everyone, Nack is a skilled emcee and can flow over any type of production! This time he hops on a heavenly type of joint produced by MichaelAngelo.  And when I say heavenly, you can almost see the angels descending right here.

This is from a short project out on vinyl entitled, Commerciante D’Arte.

Greater Than – Fine Wine (Video)

I just got done listening to this  Greater Than’s self-titled album, this afternoon.  I thought it was really quite boom-bastic.  For those of you who are not in the know, Greater Than is made up of Seattle artists, Grynch, Fearce Vill, and Grieves.

The first thing I want to make mention of is that Grieves does not rhyme on the album, but produces.  And his chops behind the boards are impressive.  I mean he crafted some delicious rhythms.  I didn’t realize that he could get down like that.

Grinch and and Fearce Vill definitely represent well on the lyrical level as well.   Both lyrically and visually catching bodies over the track Fine Wine.  If you are feeling this joint than undoubtedly you will feel the rest.

38 Spesh & Kool G Rap – Upstate 2 Queens (Video)

I am loving this unique production from 38 Spesh and the way he and Kool G Rap exchange bars over it.  The chemistry sounds insane  over this beat.   And when we talk about longevity in the game and still maintaining one of the illest flows EVER,  we are discussing G. Rap.  The man is amazing.

The collaborative album, Son Of G Rap, is dropping on June 8th.


Falconcrest – Woody Woodpecker (ft. Wyze Wonda) (Video)

New video from Falconcrest’s last album, Something Different.  The beat from Nicholas Craven is perfect for the narration of stories and perspective from the tandem, and colleague, Wyze Wonda.   It’s just a powerful story that’s made even moreso with the photographs and visual perspectives.

Shout out to this powerful artistic endeavor.

Pawz One & Robin Da Landlord – Sell Me A Dream (Video)

Pawz One & Robin Da Landlord lace us with the visuals for the title track to their new project which dropped last Friday.  The project is dope in it’s entirety,  and as a matter of fact I am working on a review for it, because of how much I enjoy it.

Listen to the drums Robin Da Landlord uses for the backbone of the track?  If your head is not snapping back and forth, I am not sure what to tell you.   This track is the embodiment of what hip hop should be.   And the dream here, truly is hip hop articulated in it’s purest form…and that’s what happened on their latest effort.