Balt Getty x Chino XL – Ethiopia (Video)

I had no idea Chino XL had anything new in the works but he got together producer Balt Getty and crafted more greatness on top of an already stellar career. When it comes to ‘genius’ on the mic, Chino XL is unparalleled. Nobody constructs intricate lyricism like Chino. He refuses to dumb it down, and forces the listener to elevate their game. The whole, Chino vs. Balt, is impeccable! It certainly has a a throwback boom bap appeal, and that’s very indicative of the course of the EP.

Trust me…you are going to LOVE this!

Planet Asia – Gunman Zen (Video)

Prolific? You want prolific…I give you Planet Asia. You would be hard pressed to find someone who has a better discography than him…ever….period. And he is still producing some of his finest work to date. Dirty Diggs production is an instant win and I like how they used the sample to give it a Buddhist chant feel on the chorus. And don’t take Asia’s zen as weakness, he’s always a deadly shooter.

Off the album, Bodhidharma

Skanks The Rap Martyr – Speak Soft (ft. RIM) (Video)

Skanks can go toe to toe with ANY emcee in the game currently! His bars are tough as nails but have this intricate quality that sounds anything but basic. I mean, the way he launches and finishes that Covid line is verified proof of lyrical talent. This is also an artist that I feel just keeps getting better and better. He invites another verified wordsmith in RIM to share the limelight and he too knows how to spit some viciousness. The Last Composer does a beautiful job re-working a sample a last heard Marco Polo use many years ago. The cascading piano and the drums with that sample sound like perfection.

Definitely check out out the full length, Out Of Nowhere, now. Every song bangs just as hard as this one. You don’t want to miss out.

Rigz – Picture Yourself (Video)

Here’s the new visual, Picture Yourself, from Rigz and Futurewave’s project, Substance Abuse. When I saw that these two were collaborating several month’s ago, I knew we were in store for something special and they did not disappoint. Intricate and sharp lyricism appears in tandem with you cutting edge boom bap with several twists and turns. You need to check this album!

38 Spesh x Eto – Flour City 2 (Video)

I’ve played this song so much already this year, well before it got the video treatment. It’s simply a great track but two very talented and prolific artists in 38 Spesh and Eto. And I keep telling people to stop sleeping on Spesh’s work behind the boards but you don’t here me though. The dude is a pure master at his craft. You can peep this joint on his project, Six Shots, which is out now!

K.A.A.N – The Good Book (Video)

Good music is good music whether I noticed a month ago when it dropped, or just today. And I am big on the talent of this man, K.A.A.N. This guy has gone under your radar and has been extra prolific with his unique brand of hip hop in the last two years. He drops meaningful and introspective bars and has a unique ear for production. Exhibit A: The Good Book.

Take a listen, and check out his new album, Vivid Canvas, which is out now, among many others.

Homeboy Sandman – Waiting My Girl (Video)

Homeboy Sandman has one of most unique flows and styles in hip hop. His flow, voice, and cadence are easy to differentiate from his contemporaries. But what it is also easy to distinguish is his creativity, his ability to dissect topics, and his marvelous sense of humor. Waiting On My Girl is awesome on so many levels, not the least of which is how relatable to some of us it might be. And the visuals for this track are nothing short of outstanding. Another great video to showcase today. Quelle Chris on the production which again is top notch.

Check out Sandman’s new album, Don’t Feed The Monster, out now!

The Quakers – This Station (ft. Jeremiah Jae) (Video)

Came across this dope video single from The Quakers, which features the rhyme prowess of one Jeremiah Jae. First off it’s one of the most captivating animated videos I have seen a long time. The architect of this creation should be very proud. I was entranced in the visuals and the rhythm. They both went hand in hand.

I had heard of The Quakers previously but just didn’t really grasp what the project was and time didn’t allow me to check it. That’s my fault because this production sounds incredibly refreshing and provocative. It’s a step outside the norm and Jae crushes his verses by breaking and fighting the system through art.

The Quakers have a new project available on Stones Throw, Quakers II: The Next Wave. Check it out if you are feeling this!