Left For Dead – Buzzard (ft. ILL Mascaras) (Video)

Left For Dead is the re-emergence of west coast emcee and artist, Capitol I-Man.   Hip Hop heads are going to remember Capitol I-Man as part of the group The Mexakinz.  And what we find here with this new song, Buzzard, is that even though it’s been a long time between projects, his lyricism remains sharp.   It’s a party, and don’t you dare be a buzz kill.

New project, Company Head Change, is available as both physical and digital.

Pete Flux & Parental – Landmarks (Video)

This video from Pete Flux & Parental has been out for a couple of months but I had just seen it and it’s too dope for me not to present to our audience.    The production is smooth while the lyrics are sharp as fuck.   They are trying to build some art that’s time tested, and not trying to be a flash in the pan.

I kick the philosophy…you spit the bumper stickers….

I love that line in the chorus!   Check out their latest project, Infinite Growth.

Sinical – Dreams (ft. Termanology) (Video)

Sinical gets to work on the mix with Termanology for this latest video single, Dreams.  The production from 1st Official is on some boo-bap/slap your momma type ish.  The well positioned Biggie sample take it over the top.   You can hear the hunger in the bars from Sinical and Term laces his sixteen like a vet who is only getting better with time.

It looks like this artist has put together a string of dope joints so hopefully an album is going to be on it’s way.

Aesop Rock – Klutz (Video)

Aesop Rock is unlike any other artist.  His rhyme schemes are unusual.  His wordplay is unorthodox.   And by his own admission, the song Klutz, is some stream of thought rhyming without structure, which consequently displays itself in the form of pure genius.  You could rewind this track back 100x over and still pick up a line’s meaning that you missed before.

Soulslicers – Late Homework (ft. M-Dot) (Video)

Production team Soulslicers are starting to make flames again and I for one am so very thankful for their return.  And lookie-lookie who they’ve got to drop some dope bars over  their incredibly dope beat…yes, none other than M-Dot.

M-Dot drops the tale of adolescent revenge against a once abusive teacher manifested in adulthood.  It’s not something you hear every day.  Dope concept.  Dope execution.

I can’t wait for the project!