Cymarshall Law – The Warning (ft. AceWonda) (Video)

I just listened to Cymarshall Law’s album, Imperfectly Perfect, a few days ago in it’s entirety and it’s really dope!  And The Warning is certainly one of the standout cuts from the project.  This production is on some old Wu-Tang type steez and both Law and cohort AceWonda do the effort justice with some pretty intricate rhyme flows and flips.  This cut and project are definitely a couple of steps above what the masses are doing.

I strongly suggest you check this project out!

One Dae – Debut b/w No Daze Off (Video)

One Dae is dropping some new music and I have rocking with him since the Fire For Hire Mixtapes.  He’s always had a great flow and you can hear that in his new music as well.  He hit us with a combo deal video single featuring songs Debut and No Daze Off.

These are off his new project Words As Weapons dropping later this year.  As soon as I have a solid release date I will surely post it.

Binary Star – Saturn Rings Sad Turn Around (Video)

New video from one of two recently released Binary Star projects, LIGHTY.   Saturn Rings Sad Turn Around is both jazzy and chill but still indefinitely hip-hop, which alas, the whole point.  The overall sound of the song inebriates you almost, entrances you, but the scratching and lyricism from One Be Lo bring you back into sharp focus.  An emcee, I don’t think you could name three emcees of a higher caliber when it comes to wordplay.  One Be Lo is amongst my favorites.

After Ourz – Hector Salamanca (Video)

Foul Monday, Starvin B, and Flushing Tek combine with producer Stu Bangas for this track on the After Ourz project.  And if you know ANY of the names affiliated you know what this project is about.  On this particular joint, you are getting that unfiltered NYC grimy lyricism with that exceptional production that Bangas is always affiliated with!  The project is seven tracks long and won’t disappoint in the least.

WateRR x DirtyDiggs – DA VINCI (video)

One thing Dirty Diggs knows is how to do smooth.  And he formulates another slick production this time for the emcee Waterr to do his thing over.   The two execute on this perfectly and sound great together.  That is a good thing considering the two have a  collaborative project entitled, WIZARD of the CRYSTAL, dropping in just a few days.  So make sure you stay tuned for that goodness.

Mic Handz – Run It (ft. Rock) (Video)

Here’s a dope record off of Mic Handz’ project, Blvcklist: Rise of The Daywalker EP.  Mic Handz and Rock are giving you that raw hip-hop flavor live and direct on this one and there is nothing weak in the mixture here.  It’s all about stand-out deliveries and banging production.

And of note…Mic Handz was three days out of the hospital when making this…that’s commitment to the craft.  What are you doing?

Serge Severe – The Vigil (Video)

Serge Severe drops the visuals from my favorite track off of his album, The MC.  Everything comes together on this joint with Maze Rockwell firing up the horns and haunting vocal sample for Severe to run through with crisp, yet engaging lyricism.   This track really typifies what Severe accomplishes on his new album, which you have to hear.

You can read my full review here.

Edo G. – Hate (Video)

As a society, we are as polarized as ever.  Edo G.  addresses the issue that we are so used to hate that we can’t stand to love…even ourselves.   The fact that Edo G.  delves in on this subject matter is important because he has the clout to do that.  He has established himself as an artist with a voice, and that my friends is the power of music.

This cut can be found on Edo G’s album, FreEDOm.

Nine – Killmonger (Video)

Nine has been keeping his name buzzing for a few months as his new project, King, is set to drop on Septemeber 9th.  I am admittedly needing a late pass on this cut/video because it has been out for a moment.  It’s been sitting in my inbox for more than a few days and I just peeped it moments ago, and it’s pretty damn sensational.  Nine sets himself apart on this track Killmonger, produced by the Snowgoons, offering an alternative to the cookie-cutter mentality that abounds out there.   The writing was really on point and the track has an epic sound about it.