IceRocks x Rome Streetz x MadHattan – Kennedy (Video)

Crossing The Rubicon, is the really dope album from producer IceRocks, featuring a host of talented emcees. Two of those emcees, Rome Streetz and Madhattan, join him on this soulful banger, Kennedy. I love how IceRocks uses this sample to his beckoning while the emcees flip precise sixteens.

Both of these emcees really get it done, professionally. I’ve been listening to ALOT of Madhattan over the last couple of years, and very few have put in the work Rome Streetz is doing over the same time period.

Rasheed Chappell & 38 Spesh – We Outside (ft. Maf & B.A. Badd) (Video)

Rasheed Chappell and 38 Spesh got back cooking in the lab and have a new project on their hands, Checks & Balances. I just copped it yesterday and haven’t given it a full listen yet, but this track probably says it all.

We Outside is another haunting banger produced by 38 Spesh, who I will argue adamantly is one of the TOP producers in the game. Chappell and guests, Maf and B.A. Badd, drop some really impressive bars that show case how dangerous the street corners can really be.

A top choice track for 2021!

Noveliss – Sincerity and Reverence (Prod. by Dixon Hill) (Video)

Noveliss is dropping some knowledge gems over this smooth track from Dixon Hill. I am REALLY feeling this laid back vibe and the energy on the track. Some times music is just built to make you feel good, and this is the case here, while at the same time being layered lyrically in Noveliss’ life perspective, which he articulated perfectly.

He states in the description of the video:

Inspired by the 20th Hexagram in the I Ching: The Ancient Chinese Book of Changes; Observing/Contemplation.

I will have to take his word for it. What I do know is it serves as inspiration to the listener as well.

New album, Book Of Changes, entirely produced by Dixon Hill, is coming November, 19th.

Vocab Slick – What It Is (Video)

Vocab Slick is preparing to release his new offering, Language, on October 29th, and What It Is, is the first appetizer from the platter. Surebert laces the beat as Slick showcases his self-decribed “refresh” as he comes with a clean slate as he brings us his new art. Sounds like we can expect dope things, as the album comes to fruition in a little over a month.

GREA8GAWD – Gem Star (Video)

Not entirely familiar with GREA8GAWD, but his sound goes heavy on his new single produced by Thanos Beats, Gem Star. Really tough track with that street flavor, as GREA8GAWD asks for Allah to help him refrain from violence in this cold world.

Dope production. Dope command of the flow and the bars. This is a win!

New project, Gawd Talk, coming on December 1st.

DJ 2-Tone Jones – Buddhists on Beatties Ford (ft. J Scienide & Supastition) (Video)

I love when artists advance hip hop through creative samples, beats and rhythms. DJ 2-Tone Jones travelled to India and when he came back he had an assortment of traditional Bollywood records which he then sent out to various producers to sample from. Ill idea, right? In the end he wound up with the record, Contraband From India.

On the track, Buddhists on Beatties Ford, The Mighty DJ DR gets the nod to create something dope, and that he does with J Scienide and Supastition invited to rock the mic over this Indian infused beat.

Dope concept and execution.

Starvin B – The Wiz (Video)

Damn. Every time I hear Starvin B spit bars I am impressed. Constantly impresses. I look through and listen to his discography over the years and everything seems immaculate, but the truth is he keeps getting better and better, and with The Wiz, he shows not only can he drop those ill flows, but also produce them himself.

The ceiling is high. And you should definitely check out the album this joint hails from, Get Well Soon!