Rasheed Chappell – Narcan (prod. by Little Vic) (Video)

Rasheed Chappell and Little Vic linking up once again for their video single, Narcan. “This is more than just art, it’s arson”. Chappell summarized this cut in one line. He stands a man apart with his music, not settling in with any particular trends, and gimmicks and just giving you that raw, yet polished work. And the chemistry with Vic is unquestionable as these two have rolled out a pair of sonic triumphs.

Album, A Portrait Of, drops on December 9th.

BP x E Class – In These Streets (Video)

E Class and BP are back with a new video single, In The Streets, and a new project, Speak No Evil See No Evil II. These artists have great chemistry and bring a strong amount of energy to their music. BP ONLY produces bangers and some of my favorite joints from him feature E Class on the mic. And to the point, this joint is tough, and I am definitely going to cop their new one. You should be on that boat with me.

Dub Sonata – Another Day (ft. Revalation, Bobby J From Rockaway & M-Dot) (Video)

Dub Sonata enlists a superlative cast of emcees for his latest single, Another Day, with the likes of M-Dot, Bobby J From Rockaway and Revalation. This track is the perfect blend of soulful and boom bap. I love the way the beat rolls in and out of the soulful chorus. And the lyrics from all three artists are fantastic relating those stressful experiences to listeners around the world in perfect cadence. Really feeling this joint alot.

And guess what? You are going to be able to hear more from Dub Sonata when his album, Tranquilizer Dart, hits on November 21st.