Double A.B. – Black Ice (ft. Eto) (Video)

So, I have been a Double A.B. fan for a while, since he was doing work with producer Dub Sonata. I think he’s incredibly talented as an emcees. Well, he’s been on hiatus from making music (at least known to me) for a few years, but he has resurfaced with a new album, Demons, that demonstrates that incredible talent to make dope art remains.

On Black Ice, he joins Eto on site in Rochester, showing that he can continue to spit that slick shit. He has a commanding voice and when paired with Eto’s distinctive verbals, you have a definite winner. Make sure you cop the album!

Ruste Juxx – But For Now (Video)

Ruste Juxx and DJ Views link up for a strong street banger, with the video single, But For Now. And Juxx always asserts a powerful mic presence no matter the beat he is riding, and he’s been doing that time and time again. The definition of ill consistency. Here DJ Views links him up with something quite heavy. Elite talent showing out in timeless fashion. I hope this is the first single for a bigger project between two.

D.V. Alias Khryst & Pro Dillinger – O.T.A (On The Assignment) (Video)

Really high on Pro Dillinger’s music. His album, Pray For My Prey, was one of my favorite projects from 2021. And he and The Umbrella continue to rain down dope joint after dope joint. On this track here, you have D.V. Alias Khryst joining forces and not only supplying a dope hook (as per usual) but dropping a tight sixteen as well. The two compliment each other nicely over a beat from JP the Producer.

Vicasso – Burberry Trench (Video)

Just stumbled across this illness from an artist by the name of Vicasso, and it’s impressive enough to share with you. The production is so smooth and jazzy, and Vicasso puts wordplay and intelligence on full display for all to hear. He’s dropping biblical references, historical references, along with slick talk. It takes alot to impress me when it comes to new artists (to me) gracing these pages, but this was really strong.

Definitely going to check out his album from late last year, Please Don’t Sue Me. Seems like I was missing out. And as always, shout out to Paka The Plug for giving folks that outlet!

N.B.S. – Hunh (Video)

N.B.S. Is back with a recently released album, Swiss Vets 3. And if you’ve been following them over the last couple of decades know that you are going to get strong lyrical contact over boom gap production, in this case, that’s brought to you by DJ Tray.

The song just knocks with the emcees complimenting styles and that head nod effect. Also not to be lost in the mix is those scratches. It makes this joint hit hard,

Definitely check out the teams’ latest installment. I’ve got it on deck to listen to this project in it’s entirety this weekend,

Conway The Machine – John Woo Flick ( ft. Benny The Butcher & Westside Gunn) (Video)

Alright, I know you have heard this new joint from Conway featuring the team Benny The Butcher and Westside Gunn, but it bears a post, because it is on some extended play dope. This production from Daringer is crazy and film scorable, which lets our emcees bring it to a cinematic scale.

You can hear this track off of Conway’s new album, God Don’t Make Mistakes, which is out now!

Casual & DEAD PERRY – Run For Cover (ft. Daniel Son, Celph Titled & J-Spliff) (Video)

Casual and Dead Perry released their album, The Art Of Reanimation, yesterday. And including this track, Run For Cover, every song has been flames. Like the other songs, I have heard and we have showcased, there is a certain darkness that comes along with listening to this album. There is also very much a horror core vibe with the visual. The track features, Celph Titled, J-Spliff, and Daniel Son on the chorus. All in all, it’s a little demented and a lot dope.

Thirstin Howl III – Crime Lords (ft. Sticky Fingaz x Richie Balance) (Video)

Thirstin Howl III is back with a new cut, Crime Lords, featuring Sticky Fingaz and Richie Balance. This guy is an underground legend in my mind. I was copping his CDs whenever I found them 20 years ago. He has a unique flow and voice that you can detect instantly and here he couples that another unique talent, Sticky Fingaz. This has an old school vibe to it, that listens quite refreshingly. Enjoy!

Jus One – Who Fu#@* With Me (Video)

Team Homi representer, Jus One, just dropped some visual illness with the single Who Fu#@* With Me. And he asks that very question in this song: Who is fucking with me? And these bars are pretty damn tough, I will say. So if you step to the mic with this man, do it correctly. Love the vocal sample and the drums on this joint as well.