Bobby J From Rockaway & Nef – 7182313 Interlude (ft. Hush) (Video)

This is one of my favorite tracks of the year thus far. I listen to this one on repeat. Nef did his thing on pairing this classic sample and looping it with some hitting drums. Really impressive how he turned this into a cohesive and addictive beat. Bobby J and Hush carry this joint with an equal amount of charisma to make this a song to remember though the year and beyong.

You can find this cut on Bobby J From Rockaway and Nef’s new project, Radio Days.

Thunny Brown – Bar Work (Video)

Bar Work….yes Thunny Brown delivers on the namesake of this track with some serious street talk and a thunderous flow. This is not for you fancy lads, but this for that head nod effect. The beat is more than just proper and Thunny has some great wordplay and flow. This track appears on the album from 2020, Heavenly Sword. I might have to check that out.

You failed to plan and built your castle on the sand

Dope line.