Single You Out: Whatson – Neck Tie Remix (ft. Conway x M-Dot x Nutso)

We got new flames from German producer Whatson! You have a true trifecta of emcees here with the heavily venerated Conway, coupled with the oft mention and supremely talented M-Dot, and that fire laced from the streets with Nutso. It’s a heavy banger to say the least. Different mic styles that mesh for a dramatic head nod effect. Whatson crafts a really complex and appealing beat here wielding, vocal samples along with banging snares, sublime scratches, and cascading strings.

This is not for the faint of heart.

Single You Out: L.I.F.E. Long & FATCATHAYZE 156 – 48 Winds

Huge advocate of the talents of L.I.F.E. Long over a decade plus. And every once in a while he still showcases the skill, and it’s almost without warning. That’s OK. I love surprises as such. He’s teamed up with producer FATCATHAYZE 156 for what seems to be, perhaps a series of projects, under the monniker, Urban Sportsman.

The project is very short but 48 Winds is my favorite track and you can hear why. That flow with that boom bap is priceless.

Single You Out: Midaz The Beast x Sharp – Kyrie

It’s been a little while since I have heard from new from MidaZ The Beast, and it’s always a good thing when he graces these pages. This time he flips a high degree of skill over a soulful production from Sharp. I am really enjoying the feel of this one. And some more good news, we are going to get more of it in a little over a week on July 5th when the pair release their project, #LIVENIGGARAP

Single You Out: Bugout – Enforcer

Oh shit! This is a track that is not to be missed! This beat by DC The Midi Alien is simply insane. I love all the different sounds he gathers around these snapping drums, most noticably that guitar riff! And Bugout (Granite State) lyrically destroys the track around scratches from DJ Myth. I mean these bars are super slick!

This is a Top 25 track this year…no doubt in my mind. It has everything a hip hop fan could want. And the best part is, it’s just the tip of the iceberg coming off the trio’s collaborative project, 69 Berkshire which is due out in the fall.

Single You Out: Shabaam Sahdeeq – Watch Ya’ Mouth (ft. UG of Cella Dwellas & DV Alias Khryst) (prod by Nick Wiz)

The venerable, honorable, and supremely talented Shabaam Sahdeeq has a new project in the works produced exclusively produced by Nick Wiz. And for their lead single they bring in UG and DV Alias Khryst. The results go heavy and you have been fore warned. You don’t want to test this dopeness. So many years in the and dope projects to their credit, the skills and sound are still sharper than ever.

Single You Out: Chuck N Lock – Flying Dutchman

More Chuck N Lock, you sa y? Yes please! The duo is back with some poetic introspectiveness over some horns from producer, Ecto 84. The beat really allows you to be entranced by the lyricism and pick up on all the metaphorical nuances. Chuck N Lock have a way of phrasing things that make listeners have “aha” moments. They are crafty lyriciststs. For instance…

“I realize I want a lot in life, and not my lot in life”

“I want to be a book worm, not a larva in a kindle.”