Bonafide Hustler comes from one of my favorite albums so far from this year, which is impressive on so many levels. First, I am so unaware of who the Gawds actually are, but after hearing this album, I had put in some research. Regulus and Pinpoint are emcees from Baltimore (which has exhibited exponential talent as of late) and DJ Rocky Styles. These guys are something special and have put together a great product in their album, Gloria. This album knocks from beginning to end, which is saying something because it is long by today’s standards at 20 tracks.

I don’t have a lot of time and I like to think that when I do take the time to write about something new these days, it means something. This is a MUST HAVE project. If you love this track (as it is my favorite) then you will love the album. Please check it out on Cocareef Records.

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