I haven’t done one of these features in a minute because to be honest I really don’t have the time to go back and check out older releases unless I just happen to stumble upon them.

Well that happened, somehow, when I came upon this excellent album from Ekspan entitled, Utterly Disgusted.    And I mean EXCELLENT.  The production is entirely superlative and the wordplay and flows are well beyond what we are seeing for the most part today.

It’s just a really well rounded release.  I strongly encourage you to check out this album.  And in the midst of putting this post together today, I see that he just released more newness, Blurry Nocturnes,  which I have yet to check out but will certainly do so promptly.    It’s an auto-cop after hearing his previous work!

I included a couple of my favorite tracks to give you a feel for the work he is putting up, but I HIGHLY endorse this artist.




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