I have been waiting for Staalin to drop some new music for the longest time.  He dropped one of the the hottest songs (strictly on a lyrical level), State Of Emergency, back in 2015.  I hadn’t heard anything since, and then this EP drops.  F.R.W.L. 2 is a really amazing release.  There are only seven cuts but they all range from the really good to the exceptional. Lyrically you would be hard pressed to beat the title track F.R.W.L. This man has bars!!

Y’all recreated a monster/ that’s sponsored/ without the energy drink,
My enemies think that I’m gone I’m back/ before they can blink.
Been the missing link in the chain/ before Lincoln came and unlinked,
The chains of the slaves/ at least that’s what all the history books say. Right?
Never liked me/ they like Staalin behave,
He’s a bully/ he’s a beast/ I bet his booth in a cave.
With all this venom I produce/ I’ll put dey youts in a grave,
So they aint gotta avenge they fathers death/ I spare them the shame. (Geeze)
My pictures/ sicker/ than Hitler/ at a bar mitzvah/ nigga,
Pulling a trigger/ while yelling mazeltov/ I’m a killa.
Call me Attila/ these rappers/ after the scrilla,
But they really don’t excite me/ they rapping pattern’s vanilla.
(ugh) Makes me wanna go back to the trap/ and tackle them down to the mat,
And slap em with vinyl/ like when Lion-o attacks.
These Thunder cats/ are just making noise when they rap,
With out the lightning/ they bout as frightening/ as two dykes in a bath.

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