ullnevano – I WONDER What Color I’ma Use Next (2014)


Artist: ullnevano

Album: I WONDER What Color Ima Use Next


1. Intro
2. Dollar
3. Piece, Peace
4. Reflection
5. Subscriptions
6. The Hint
7. The Sims
8. Speak From Experience
9. Overrated
10. Can’t Be Denied
11. Makes No Sense
12. Getting Better
13. Chicks In Kicks
14. Nevas Belief
15. What’s The Difference (ft. X-Man)


Hip Hop Dependency is proud to be a supporter of UllNevaNo and his latest project under the ‘Color’ series flag, I WONDER What Color Ima Use Next.   If obvious signs elude you, the title refers to UllNevaNo flowing over Jamla’s front man,  9th Wonder’s beats.

If you are not familiar with UllNevaNo’s lyrical dexterity, two things become apparent:  1)  You don’t check Hip Hop Dependency very often 2) His latest project is a great opportunity for you to make up for lost time.  The man has been repping the B-More scene for more than just a few years, and is a hip hop staple there.  But his name is starting to buzz on more of a global scale much in part to the ‘Color Series’.  So don’t front or delay, stream or download the latest project, or simply get left behind.

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