Artist: Cayoz

Album: Mirror Image


1. Shame, Shame (ft. Don Streat)
2. My Life Is What I Make It (ft. Dialect)
3. Everybody’s Talking (ft. Jamon)
4. What Once Was (ft. Lil $am & D.G.)
5. Retrospect (ft. Ensilence)
6. Beyond The Moniker (Album Sampler)


I just found this on Bandcamp the other day and confronted Cayoz on Twitter as to why he didn’t let me know it was dropping.  His response: ‘Not really promoting this as it’s just to tide people over until Beyond The Moniker drops’.  Well, he may not be up on promoting but we are here to make you aware of such things.   That’s our duty!  A few tracks from Cayoz is always worth noting.  I am not going to review it track by track.  we have featured at least one of these songs previously as a single.  But make sure that you DL this for your listening pleasure.   What you will find especially dope is the Album Sampler at the end.   You are going to hear some snippets of what is sure to be one of the better albums of 2014.


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