Artist: Godz Chyld x Jordan River Banks

Album: Forever


1. Here I Come
2. Forever
3. Last Days
4. High Explosives
5. Heavens
6. Alive


After more than just a few listens, this brief EP from Godz Chyld and Jordan River Banks needs to be recognized.  It’s a project that any hip hop head worth his or her salt should be able to get into.

Jordan River Banks is a producer out of Amsterdam who has worked with likes of Ciph Barker previously, and he gives Godz Chyld a really unique soundscape to spit over.   The first track, Here I Come, has an interstellar, or even regal type of vibe to it, that serves as an introduction to this new aritst.

The track Heavens,  is designed to take the listener out of the atmosphere  with both the production and the lyricism.  Jordan River Banks unites the snare drum with a more synthetic sound that sounds other worldly.  It’s not something that you would hear every day which is in and of itself something.

I was born through  a heavenly covenant /Pushed through the deep regions of space from a Mothership / Or a Fathership / I wrote it in the darkest script / But the light and the darkness is comprehended / Dropping senses designed to prove you not authentic / As I sit on the throne, holding the microphone / Like a staff writing gold disguised as poems / Full of righteous wrath, indignation from a path on a narrow road…

The bottom line is that this EP is innovative and has a lot of replay value.  It’s something that I have been throwing on the  iPod whenever the moment strikes.  You might have the same experience.



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