Single You Out: Frank Ramz – Trouble Child (prod. by Natstar)



I for one Frank Ramz is back at it this year releasing some more music.  It’s also good to hear that his project, Medicine Filled Candy is dropping soon.   I find Ramz to be a unique commodity because he’s not just rhymes, he’s creating stories that have meaning while enlisting his God given talent to write rhymes.  This particular cut is autobiographical.  Check his first verse:

started in the dirt & they ain’t even give me soap,
but being rooted in the soil is the best place for growth.
but being trapped in the trap & having to have dealings while reaching a glass ceiling kept chipping off at my hope.
i found love up in a dark place her name just happened to be music,
gave life to the lifeless shining the brightest & truest.
my money wasn’t moving the the way it shouldve been moving,
& im so done w/ retail im ready to be a nudist.
…i went from being clueless to a know it all, who didn’t know shit but i refused to show a flaw.
..soon as on a roll like a bowling ball,
life would strike back… the gutter would pull me in and console my fall.
had to make alot of split decisions…
realign myself..take better aim & even switch positions.
….consistent wishing drove a brother wild, lotta frowns… couple smiles… this was a recipe for my mothers youngest [trouble child]

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