This one of these moments where I am proud to live in the ATX.   There are a few dope artists in the area, but for the most part I could count them all on one hand, and then comes along Scuare.  HHD actually featured his video single, One, back earlier this year.  What struck me was of course the great production from Tom Bombadil, but also the heavy lyricism from Scuare.   I say heavy, because there is an intellectual quality about his music, but also a cadence and flow that keeps things interesting.  It’s vastly different and needed in this area.   In an era where little is remarkable and much of hip hop is standard fare,  Alphabet Soup offers a different approach to hip hop music.  And that’s what we are about here on HHD…innovation inspired in the culture of hip hop.

Now with any album I have my favorites, and here on Alphabet Soup I tend to favor the following:  One,  Gone Away, General Lee, and Recursive.   But give it a listen and see for yourself.

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