Jus Daze - 365 Daze - Back Cover


It’s just after the holidays and I got caught up with family, friends, and the end of the year posts and kind of left the ‘Friday Feature’ hang by the wayside, that is until I remembered this Friday.  I was just recently put on to Jus Daze and his style immediately meshed with what we are trying to do at Hip Hop Dependency.  He’s been on the battle circuit for a while, but what I am most impressed by is the amount of emotion he incorporates in his music.  It’s not just one-liners and battle lines.  While he can do those things, he’s more about telling a story and injecting feeling into his cuts.   The feeling I get is that he puts a good amount of himself in every verse.

With all that being said, and not being able to consult with Jus Daze before this feature, I  thought a great initial offering would be his entire body of work from 2012.  In this download you are going to get a variety of his singles, Bow II The Bow, Common Law, and The King Of Queens.  This will be a great way for new fans to get acquainted and old ones to make sure their collection is complete.

Stay tuned for a more biographical piece and more music next week….meanwhile DL this!


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