These cuts have been out for a while but just recently brought to my attention.  They are from O’Hene Savant’s album,  The Unknown, which is available now to purchase.  Why am I posting these tracks?  I think there are a lot of unique things about his music.  The artist is speaking intelligently and the production is unlike the cookie cutter projects that we are treated to on a daily basis.  And while it is different, it’s not so divergent from the beaten path that it treads on being weird.  Check it out…

3 thoughts on “Single You Out: O’Hene Savant – 2Pac is #DEAD b/w Smart People

  1. the lyrics & thump make “smart people” a must listen 4 ne true fan of the genre … the entire album gives us another glimpse n2 his genius …

  2. Definitely great free music..possibly too good to be free. Smart People is my favorite joint on there. Grab this ya’ll!

  3. Loving all the tracks on the album…but Smart People really sticks in your head!! Cool thing is nothing is free in this world…the only thing that is is unconditional love and Ohene Savant gives that for free!! The reward in that is he don’t have to wait for smart people to catch on! 😉

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