Mister x Dr. B – Just So You Know (2012)

Artist: Mister x Dr. B

Album: Just So You Know

Source: Artist


1. That That
2. Food For Thought
3. Relationship Blues (ft. Elusive)
4. Just So You Know Part 2
5. What I Do


When I first heard Passalacqua’s first project (Mister, Blaksmith, and Dr. B’s collaborative effort) I was instantly drawn to  something unique.  The two emcees, with their diverse styles, coupled with Dr. B’s easy going and jazzy production combined for  one of the most incredible EPs of 2011.

I had never heard Mister on the solo tip really.  I heard a solo song on the second Passalacqua EP but nothing longer than that.  Late in January he shot me over a link with these five songs that he made with Dr. B whose creation spanned over the last few years.  What I found when I listened to it, was that not only could he be dope in the collective, but he can really hold it down on his own project.  Not that I doubted it, but you never know.

Mister and Dr. B are a great combination.  The production on Just So You Know may even be better than the Passalacqua project.  The jazzy, bluesy, and soulful rhythms crafted by Dr. B are impressive to say the least.  Mister flows so effortlessly over them.  It just seems, well, natural.

Mister’s style is one that the listener can easily  get comfortable with.  He has a relaxed and comfortable story.  When he is telling a story, it feels like he is sitting in the same room with you, letting you know what happened.  Case in point:

The first track, That That, is a really laid back joint with a piano riff and some high paced drums that lead the way for Mister’s casual yet high paced delivery.  I know that seems like a paradox, but  no matter what the tempo, Mister seems at ease.  His voice doesn’t change and while his cadence may pick up, the tone remains consistent.  Dr. B also incorporates a saxophone that almost sounds remorseful when teamed with Mister’s lyrics. The song’s content I equivocate to “if I knew then what I know now” philosophy regarding relationships.  Check the snippet:

 …I am cool as a cucumber with it / Last time that we did it /  I was given a time limit! / And that don’t do much for esteem that you really don’t have / I got to face it / I’ve wasted / My fair sure of minutes and patience / Only to touch base on an inconsistent basis…

The other track out of the five that really stands out is the last one, What I Do. Dr. B begins the production with a funky, yet bluesy guitar riff that works over some clashing cymbals.  Then he drops the drum and the bass line.  Mister brings, what I assume is a self-narration of his experience with his shows.  It’s like you are walking in the mindset of an artist in this independent hiphop game.  Think of it as a ‘Day In The Life’.  It really is an incredible track. One more quotable:

Time to get prepared for the gig / He thinks about just what he wants to kick / Starts with this acapella that he spits so quick / So they know off the bat, he don’t sound like shit /  See he knows how fast the folks can lose their interest / Going from blissful to listless / He’s wise to keep that abreast, yet he don’t get nervous /Hell the nerve racking part is just writing all verses…

How could something that appears so casual, be so dope?   Throughout this EP I had the reoccurring idea that Mister and the good doctor were in my living room playing this music live.  It was as though I was given private audience.

Mister’s appeal has become more apparent with this solo release.  There are a lot of talented artists but where Mister succeeds and others fail is building that connection with the listener.  Through his style he makes you feel like you are a part of the music.  That is rare territory indeed.

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