Unprecedented Vol. 1 Compilation (January 2012)

Alright this is a HHD first.  I found this site called Everyone’s Mixtape where I could add all the dope music I have found and you guys can stream it all in one place on the  web.  It’s a good tool for viewers to check out some new music while you are doing other things on the internet without downloading.  (I don’t judge)  I am going to be doing this mixtape at the end of every month.  These are all singles or videos released by the artist this month. So here is the inaugural edition of Unprecedented Vol. 1


1. Full Spectrum II – Zilla Rocca and Has Lo
2. How Do I Survive – Emilio Lopez
3. Death March – MayDay
4. Stripes – Voli
5. Bang – Rock x Matth Hoffa x Gutta
6. Do It To Death – MarQ Spekt
7. Oxygen – Napoleon De Legend x Raekwon
8. Tomorrow – J. Capri
9. Shadows – J The S x Emilio Rojas
10. Say Disease – Dirty Hank x Reason
11. Big Bro – Fatal Lucciauno
12. Something Beyond – Rome Cee
13. Most Incredible – V-Zilla
14. Sand Storms – Balcastan x Emilio Lopez x Outerspace x V-Zilla
15. Everbody Shining – Starvin B x Shaz Illyork x Spit Gemz

Listen Here

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