Artist:  Ras Kass x Doc Hollywood

Album;  The Yellow Snow EP

Source:  Bandcamp


1. Yellow Snow
2. The Grinch (Who Stole Dub Step)
3. Jack Frost II (White Christmas)


I won’t take too much time to describe a three track Christmas release. I do want to say that this is a MUST LISTEN to project. Louie Rubio from Doc Hollywood produced these tracks and I really like how he used the yule tide flavor on this joint.

The highlight of this little gem is Ras Kass’ verses on Jack Frost II.  I haven’t heard my favorite emcee spit these type bars  in a long time.  He as always had that knack for dropping intelligent rhymes without sounding like an encyclopedia, but here he just goes bar after bar dropping knowledge.  I haven’t heard this type of flow since Nature Of The Threat.

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