Aztext – Who Cares If We’re Dope? Vol.4 (Prod. By Dub Sonata)

Artist: The Aztext

Album: Who Cares If We’re Dope? Vol. 4

Source: Artist


1. Moment In Rhyme (ft. Craig G)
2. Without You
3. My Thoughts
4. Peace Of Mind
5. Say No More


I reviewed,Who Cares If We’re Dope Vol. 3, a couple of months ago.  I felt that the five track EP was of exceptional quality.  They have a throwback style but at the same time they execute dope, modern concepts effectively.  They were able to flip the same song in two different tracks with two different perspectives on Vol. 3 which I found to be an incredibly fresh approach.  Now from there I was able to catch their cut on the Soulslicer’s album, Boost Da Soul (which by the way is a great album).  The cut, Press It Onto Wax,  really put them into a new category for me.  That song was so much fun to listen to.  It was very upbeat and really showed an appreciation for what hip hop is in addition to exhibiting solid mic skills.

They recently shot me over their newest EP in the Who Cares If We’re Dope series.  This one is entirely produced by the man Dub Sonata who you may remember from his own album, On The Arm.  Now this project seems like a culmination of all the Aztext’s previous successes.   They just seem to really enjoy making music and that really comes out in this release.  We all have to make money, and we can’t ignore that aspect of making music, but it’s the love that actually turns just good music into great music.

Moment In Rhyme is a dope track with an old school vibe.  Each emcee gives you a historical context of their lives based upon what was happening in hip hop at the time.  It’s extremely fresh especially when the group brings in a legend like Craig G.  The man is a beast and for him to bring his insight to the rhyme adds a lot of credibility to this track. I am also really enjoying the drums and horns Dub Sonata used on this track.  We also hear the beat flip from time to time, adjusting itself to each emcee’s verse. Different sounds of hip hop in year’s past are reflected in Dub Sonata’s production which blend perfectly.

My Thoughts shows you the amount of love the Aztext have for this hip hop music.  Learic and Pro  drop verses on how music in general  has changed the course of their lives. They express how different genres of music, not just hip hop,  have influenced their decision to become artists themselves.   They are not going to give up on creating their music without a fight.  The Aztext are going to keep on crafting new joints until they lack the means to do so.  Dub Sonata uses a lot of different synthesized sounds to provide this backdrop giving the beat a very ethereal, yet intricate feel.

On the track, Say No More, we hear verses narrated from the stand point of the critics or worse bloggers (ahem) in the music scene.  This song is truly indicative of the way hip hop is at the moment.  Those of us on the outside looking in love to talk about how an artist grows and then address what we consider to be the gaps in the way artists make their music.  Bloggers and critics assert themselves to be ‘taste makers’ in the game and some are quick to push aside a hip hop group from Vermont.  At the end of the song they even do a pseudo interview set to rhyme.  This track shows a lot of introspection, as well as being very candid.

I’ve addressed the ‘hip hop is universal’ thing before.  These guys are the breath of fresh air that hip hop needs.  They have a unique perspective of the past and the present. They know that many people are going to pigeon hole them or hold it against them that they are not from NYC or the Bean. In the end, I think they embrace that challenge of being hip hop artists off the radar.  Because what it means in the end, is that once people hear the dope music they are able to make, it will make the effort all the more worth while. They will be judged strictly on their ability to make dope hip hop music once their talents are heard.  The Aztext not only make that great music, but they make it the right way…from the heart. Listen!

This EP will drop on September 27th and I will provide a link on this post once it drops….

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