Soulslicers is a production crew coming out of Switzerland.  They have released this EP for free to generate interest in their soon to be released EP, entitled Boost Da Soul.  And let me tell you, my interest sure is piqued.  These three tracks are just ill and if this album is indicative of what is to come then let me go ahead pre-order this joint right now.  The production is phenomenal.  The songs just knock.  The song that his generate the most interest across the web is M-Dot’s  The Difference, but I am partial to the Quite Nyce joint, Cautious.   But I can’t front on that Access Immortal joint, King Of Kings either.  It’s good to hear him flow over a beat of this caliber.  All three emcees kill their verses over three different, but knocking beats.

These guys beats definitely deserve some recognition.  They have some serious skills and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Shoot, I even dig the whole “producers in the shadows” concept on the cover art.  All around dope and a must download!  I am certain of it.


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