Artist: Soulfully, Me

Album: Confessions Of A College Kid

Source: Bandcamp


1. Act 1: A Hero Arises/Welcome: End of the Beginning Confessional
2. Long Time
3. Destined to Shine
4. Spotlight
5. Chillin’
6. Act 2: The Love Jones Confessional
7. Grey’s Anatomy
8. Fallin’ (feat. JF Mac)
9. Closer
10. Hold On
11. Act 3: The Absence/The Valleys Confessional
12. To Be Continued (Part 1)
13. The Manifesto
14. Dear Summer
15. Dreamin’
16. Can’t Find Me
17. Interlude: Kaleidoscope
18. Act 4: The Peaks Confessional
19. Off The Pavement (feat. JF Mac)
20.Deja Vu
21. Brighter


Another talented act has emerged out of the DMV by way of Memphis.  Soulfully, Me hit me up a little over a week ago with his debut, Confessions Of A College Kid.  My immediate reaction was that the artist and production were both above par, which in and of itself is a victory.  At 21 tracks, the main question I had by track six was: “Can this emcee keep it up?’  And the answer is…yes.  Yes he can.

Soulfully, Me stays true to his monniker.  Confessions Of A College is chocked full of soulful instrumentation and lyrics.  There are quite a few tracks to vibe to on this release and I at least want to pay homage to a couple of them.

Dreamin’ is one of the standout tracks simply because it is so melodious.   It packs a very powerful musical punch.   Like so many artists, past and present, Soulfully, Me reaches for his dream and in the process he realizes that he very well may be the only person who feels the way he feels.  He has the talent to achieve his goals and realistically as long as he trusts in himself he will achieve those no matter what the doubters may think or say.  In addition to being adept lyrically, Soulfully, Me, provides his own hook, pulling it off brilliantly.  It is brilliant because by performing his own hook it adds a more personal touch to an already personal track.

De Ja Vu is my ‘go-to’ track on this mixtape.  The synth and the vocal samples slink over the drums and the subtle bass line.  Meanwhile, this is a track that really shows, Soulfully, Me putting his bars together in an impressive fashion.  Check it:

…I see y’all trailing behind but following my blueprint / I’m kinda ill, but man I’m just a student / I’m so beyond my years, I’m ahead of my time /  See the throne y’all got is about to be mine

Lyrically, Soulfully, Me is strong.  He is not dropping abstract lyricism or punchline  after punchline but he is stringing his bars together with strength and consistency.  The production on the mixtape, while not filled with bangin’ beats, is filled with exceptional jazzy and soul based rhythms.  Because of that choice of production the mixtape has a very intimate feel to it. I think the audience here at Hip Hop Dependency will definitely appreciate what Soulfully, Me has to offer.    We will be looking for the album, but enjoying the mixtape until that time.

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