Artist:  Memphis Reigns

Album: Frog Hill Legend

Source: ColinLegend


  1. Errrrry!!! (prod. by Piloophaz)
  2. Chill Street Blues (prod. by Piloophaz)
  3. Judas (prod. by Keko)
  4. Cloud Kingdom (ft. Pravery The Wyse) (prod by. D-Mitch)
  5. Letter To Sakura (ft. Allison Molgaard) (prod. by D-Mitch)
  6. Facebooks (prod. by Keko)
  7. Last Hello (ft. Ceci Basila) (prod. by Keko)
  8. Preach (prod. by Keko)


I am not sure what it is about Memphis Reigns’ music that I crave.  I think it initially dealt with the mystique.  When Genelec and Memphis Reigns first released Scorpion Circles in 2002, it was heavily talked about but it was hard to find.  I went about trying to hunt this album down and eventually scored it.   It was worth every penny.   Memphis Reigns then seemingly resigned himself to the shadows.  I would hear a track here and there but there was no consistent wealth of music available.  Then as the age of blogs emerged I suddenly found a slew of rare releases and collaborations.

Now fast forward to 2011 and yet another, newer release has surfaced, Frog Hill Legend.   This release really resonates with me.  The production is superb.  The subject matter is relevant.  The mic skills are also well intact to make this a very dope product.

Chill Street Blues is a track that I fell in love with when I first heard it.  It is something that I could nod my head to, not just because it was dope, but also in agreement to what the man was saying.  The song speaks upon the dire times that we are engaged in right now economically but he also talks about making the best of a bad situation.  This song is about finding silver linings in your life and your ability to overcome the odds that surround you.  The production is low on temp but high on dopeness.  The track utilizes a nice vocal sample to compliment the beat and lyrics.

Judas is another track that I thoroughly enjoyed from this EP.  The production seems very oriental in my opinion.  I have heard this sample before I think but I can not place it. The thumping snares really move this track along as all the sounds come together for a dope song.  Memphis Reigns then rocks rhymes talking about the duality of life, the good vs. evil, stating:

…my world revolves around the influence of angels and demons…

The last track I will speak on is, Cloud Kingdom, featuring Praverb The Wyse.   The track is one of the more mellow on the EP with light subject matter.  The two emcees flow like they are talking to you directly instead of merely coming thru your speakers.  It is very conversational.  The two are trying to open eyes and minds to what is going on around them.

I wish I knew more about Memphis Reigns and this release as a whole.  I could not find a website, blog, or Twitter account for Memphis Reigns.  I can only conclude that he wishes to remain in the shadows or I didn’t try hard enough (which is always possible).   At any rate I want people to hear this album for the dopeness it could bring to their lives.  It’s exceptional from all standpoints.    I have included a download link.  Please just click the pic above and I have included the aforementioned tracks in You Tube format so that you can hear them before downloading.  If anyone knows if this particular album is for purchase somewhere please let me know by shooting me an email.  Enjoy!

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