Jesse Abraham had shot this over to me a few days ago and it took me a while to get to the message and listen to the track but I definitely find it noteworthy.  I am loving the Middle Easternish production.  Sitars make everything all good in my book.   I did a write up on Jesse Abraham’s EP from 2010, Bars & NoBull.   I found him to be an extremely refreshing artist.  His rhymes are playful and not overbearing.

Spiderman On Vitamins is an extension of his last effort and a prelude to his upcoming EP, One Day, releasing on March 1st.    The song is the type of track that can be played in almost any setting.  The production gets the adrenaline flowing, yet the lyrics have your attention so you can catch what’s going on in the wordplay.

Jesse Abraham truly is a unique talent.  Now if I can just get Jesse Abraham and Homeboy Sandman to do an EP together.  Flippin’ fantastic!


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