Artist: Fel Sweetenberg

Album: The Sophmore Jinx

Guests: Aul Purpis, Dave Ghetto, Baby Blak, Ethel Cee, Tanzania Lateef

Production: Fel Sweetenberg

Best Tracks:  Look Into The Eyes Of Fel, Save Ya Life, Code Of Silence, Skyz Fallin

Recommendation: Must Have

Note:  When mentioning the best tracks, I should really just mention every song from the album.  They are all that good.  I was wondering why it was taking so long for him to get his sophomore album released, but in listening to the final product that no longer matters.  What you get from The Sophomore Jinx is a complete album in every facet.   Everything from the production to the lyrics seems flawless to me.  This is an album that hip hop purists crave.   The album is very polished in terms of it’s mixing and mastering.  It harkens back to the mid 1990s in it’s content but with elevated lyricism and wordplay.   There is nothing not to like in this album.  If you love hip hop then you simply must cop this.  No excuses, because this may be a release people start using the word “classic” to describe a few years from now.

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