Single You Out: Shabaam Sahdeeq – Do You (prod. by DJ Spinna)

Do You serves as the bonus track to Shabaam Sahdeeq’s forthcoming album Keepers Of The Lost Art which is due out next Tuesday.  As an older head, you can tell who produced this before you even see the credits.  DJ Spinna is just one of those unique talents who has his own lane when it comes to production.   Enjoy the single and check for the album next week.

Cee – It Ain’t Over (ft. Hezekiah) (Video)

I wasn’t up on Cee before this video, but I saw that Hezekiah made a guest appearance and thought I would give it a chance.  I am glad I gave it the chance.  This is good hip hop music right here.  It’s got a mellow and light hearted vibe to it.  God forgive me for saying it but it almost sounded…fun.

I am going to have to give Cee’s new album, This Is All I Know, a chance.


Curly Castro – Brody (2014)



Artist: Curly Castro

Album: Brody EP


1. Going Back To London
2. All Bets Are Off (ft. Zilla Rocca and Has-Lo)
3. Livery (ft. Castle)
4. David Rodigan (ft. Hubbs and Armand Hammer)
5. A Wake
6. Daisy Swallowed A Diamond


Curly Castro offers the world a little something different with his latest release, Brody.   The EP is short and succinct but proves the point that just because the project is short on run time doesn’t mean that it runs short on character.   Now, I will say that if you are not familiar with the movie, Snatch, you may have to watch that first before you start indulging in this release.  The creativity for Brody stems from Castro and company using the characters and storyline  from Snatch in the story of this EP.  So being able to truly appreciate this EP requires a little study in film.  That’s not to say that you can’t just appreciate the music for music’s sake but you will miss some of the creativity.   I digress.

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MaLLy – City Of Fear (Video)

It’s exciting to see the progression that MaLLy has made as an artist throughout the last few years.  The man has really made great strides and is willing to take chances with his sound.    One can do that, when there skill level is so high.   This song can be described as an ‘anthem to the resistance movement’.   The idea being that when we as citizens ‘step out of line’, the penalties are harsh and brutal.  We are always under the threat of martial law.   This is just one of many statement pieces that MaLLy has on his new album, The Colors Of Black.

Rayce – Fault Lines (Video)

Rayce continues to impress with his intricate wordplay and keen ear for great production.  I have heard three tracks from Rayce and all of them have been solid.    There’s a lot going on lyrically on this track and one thing you know for sure is that with Rayce’s turn of phrase, he has the true heart of a poet.  He’s got that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow type flow.  Think on it!

Check out Racye’s latest EP, A Travelling Man.  I am about to go in on it right now.

Esh & Arc – Werewolves Anonymous (Video)

Not too many artists are willing to tackle the topic of Werewoloves…as a matter of fact, I can only think of two artists:  Esh & Arc.   But they do it incredibly fresh.  The beat by The Arcitype is a calculated frenzy while Esh tells some ghoulish tales with poignant flow.   The video is also well done as the director meshes a horror movie montage with Esh doing his thing on cam.

I constantly check back and listen to their collaborative EP, Nightworks.  It’s that damn good!