Single You Out: Goldini Bagwell – Over Do (prod. by Smoke M2D6)

Goldini Bagwell continues with his Smoker’s Jacket Series with some more laid back, lyrical goodness.   This is probably my favorite track thus far from the series.  All of the music has been relatively laid back but I find this one to be exceptionally accessible.  Bagwell narrates and the listener is captivated.  This seems to be a resounding theme with the music he makes.

Single You Out: Dirt Platoon – Admire (prod. by DJ Low Cut)

This is the third single from Dirt Platoon’s latest album, Bare Face Robbery.   This has been a ‘go-to’ album for me since it came out.  I have at least bumped it ten times since it dropped, and that almost never happens in this day and age.    Dirt Platoon and DJ Low Cut put a project together that’s simply laced with banger after banger.   You never get any weak shit from these guys.  They drop it strong and heavy.

If you are feeling this cut, be sure to check that album.

Starvin B – Murder Finger (Video)

Dope new video from Starvin’ B’s new album, The Foreigner.   The visuals on this cut kept me captured for the duration of the five minutes.  Everything was on point from the story line to the lighting.   Often times I feel that the videos artists put out aren’t half as dope as the song itself, but this one is truly on point.

Check the album…it’s definitely ill.


Worth Revisiting: Cyne – Elephant Rome (2008)


In the vain of putting you onto (or reminding you) of dope music from a while back I put forth Cyne’s song, Elephant Rome, from their album, Pretty Dark Things which was released about seven years ago in 2008.

Cyne is an incredibly dope group who has over ten years of music that hip hop afcionados can sift through.   It’s an impressive display of musical artistry and lyrical dexterity.  There’s also something very distinctive in the quality of music that the group puts out.   Certainly lots to love, as I am sure you will enjoy this track!

SKAM2? – LOT3R (Video)

I am a big fan of Skam2? and was really excited to hear that he was coming out with some new music.  LOT3R (Lord of the 3 Rings) gives listeners (and viewers) insight into his craft as an artist, and believe me his imagery is sick.  He has designed countless of examples of cover art, but people sleep on his abilities as an emcee, and that’s a shame.  He is able to seamlessly port his ability as a visual artist into that of a wordsmith.  Special indeed.

Make sure you stay aware for April 15th, when he drops his latest project, Flying Monkey Murder Cirkus.