Single You Out: Silent Knight – Walking

Now this is a good comination:   The Audible Doctor and Silent Knight have proved unbelievable chemistry.  You can reference their number one track about four years back, Stayin’ Busy.  The Audible Doctor fires up the boom bap, the organ, and the proper intermingling of a soulful, almost sorrowful, vocal sample.   There’s also just something about the way Silent Knight relates is life and ideas that just resonates with me.  He’s trying to make money along with making art.  This song is going to stick with me for a while.

His new project, Weaknd, is due out soon.

Burke The Jurke – Fork In The Road (Video)

A real cool track that is autobiographical from Burke The Jurke.  The production when coupled with Burke’s own sung chorus gives the song a very soulful element.  I really enjoy the lyricism digging deep and giving the listener perspective in context. It’s certainly not random jibberish.

The new album, Know Alternatives, drops in a little over a month.  I can’t wait.

Single You Out: Verbal Kent – Suitcase Switch (ft. Freddie Gibbs)

Verbal Kent is back with the backing of Apollo Brown and Freddie Gibbs for his new single, Suitcase Switch.  The production from Apollo Brown is absolutely beautiful.  It’s got so much soul packed into the span of four minutes.  Kent and Gibbs do an admirable job spitting some nice bars with their own divergent styles.  Kent keeps a rapid delivery while Gibbs relies on a more methodical approach to rocking the mic.  It all comes together nicely.

Verbal Kent’s new album, Anesthesia, drops on September 11th.

Single You Out: Grey Sky Appeal x Esh The Monolith – Flatbush

Grey Sky Appeal have linked up with New England emcee, Esh The Monolith, for their new project, Moon Balloon.  The entire project is eclectic and interesting.  It’s in no danger of being mistaken for anything else that you have heard.   Just like the track, Flatbush, the album treads on the abstract but still maintains the the head nod effect.   Lyrically…be prepared to utilize the rewind button.  There’s a ton of depth here!

Single You Out: Savage Souls – Invasion

This has been sitting in my inbox for a minute.  It just took me a while to give it a listen, but I am glad I gave Savage Souls some time.  It’s a dope cut.  The production from Remo Williams reveals a very raw but intricate style.  The chopped up GZA verse for the chorus is a really nice touch.  The emcees are pretty relentless as well.   They have a nice delivery combined with a good assortment of bars for the listener.  I am anxious to hear this EP they have dropping.  If it’s anything like this cut, we could have a sleeper hit here.

Single You Out: Case Arnold – The Nicest

Here’s a fancy new joint from Case Arnold that serves as his DJ Booth premiere.  I really am fond of this simplistic, yet super dope production from Chiefus.  There’s something really dope  in the bare bones elements of the track.  Arnold on the other hand demonstrates some pretty superlative skills on the mic, particularly on the second verse where he’s “kissing hands and shaking babies”. Definitely can get down to this joint.


Hex One & 5th Element – Dinner Time (ft. Ruste Juxx & Halfcut) (Video)

This is a top notch joint from Hex One & 5th Element’s album, Hologramz.   This joint is some vintage hard bodied hip hop right here.   Hex One and Halfcut each wield super crafty lines that keep the listener on pins and needles, only to be contrasted with Ruste Juxx’s Brooklyn braggadiocio style.  You know bodies get strewn about when he spits on the mic.

Great song from a great album that you should already own!