Sleep (The Fraternity) – Goon To A God (Video)

On my hiatus I missed this joint from Sleep of 2ManCypher and it HAS TO be mentioned.  This joint is hot!  Dope Antelope can’t be beat in the production game right now.  I don’t know if anyone is producing bangers like this guy.  (Now if I could just get him to do this feature with me…another story).  Sleep is no stranger to Antelope’s production and he wrecks hell all over this joint.  Just some real hard bodied hip hop shit for your speakers. Recognize!

Single You Out: Domingo – Machine Gun (ft. Ras Kass)



Domingo and Ras Kass get a little militant with their new song, Machine Gun, which is featured on the former’s new album, Same Game New Rules.  Ras Kass isn’t playing the pacifist role in this song, he is coming out guns blazing with a Machivellian philosophy.  Do the knowledge…

I haven’t heard the entire album yet, but I have heard a few tracks and they are all banging.  Domingo’s track record is unblemished, so check it on that strength.


Single You Out: The 17th – Don’t Care (ft. Joell Ortiz and Hollaatcha​ Gwalla)


The 17th releases yet another dope single from his forthcoming project,  Inside Jokes With Complete Strangers.  This time The 17th is exchanging bars with Slaughterhouse brethren Joell Ortiz and still isn’t out shined.  He simply is one of the preeminent spitters in this game.  He brings so much personality to his bars that no one is even coming close to duplicating.   Extra special notice be given to the John Bobbitt line (look it up young ones).

I believe that the new album is dropping this month, but I could be wrong…check back accordingly.

Slaine – Bobby Be Real (ft. Tech N9ne & Madchild) (Video)

Slaine’s new album, The King Of Everything Else, dropped today and I have to tell you that it’s the best music he’s put out in a while.  I really enjoyed listening to each cut and the album as a whole.  Bobby Be Real is an excellent joint to feature from the album that is brought to life in this video.  TechN9ne and Madchild are invited on the cut to narrate part of Slaine’s nightmare.   This is one of the better video productions I have seen in 2014.  I strongly suggest that you listen to his album.

Single You Out: M-Dot – Today (ft. E.M.S.)



This song just made my week.  No matter what happens the rest of the week, this song from M-Dot and company is a major win!  The bass line on this jawn made my neck sore.   And the flows…my god the flows, were impeccable.  M-Dot can stay silent for months and then drop a gem like this and instantly remind us of his greatness.  And I meant to use that word…great.  He has a really sophisticated way with words when rocking the mic. The jam definitely has an old school appeal but easily something I could see getting some universal love.

Jake LaDOTta drops for free tomorrow and may knock some of these end of the year lists on their heads.  Check back at DJ Booth for the good word…

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Single You Out: Adam Zombie – Pilgrim State



I am glad I checked this little diddy when it hit my inbox tonight.  There’s something good an interesting happening in this Adam Zombie song, Pilgrim State.  The electronica that occurs in the production along with the duo’s flow is some what reminiscent of some Digable Planet’s jams from yesteryear.   The flow and presence on the mic is actually really refreshing.  I really can’t wait to hear more music.  I hope they can meet the high standard he set by this track.  Richmond in the building!

Skeezo & Rediculous – Watch Ya Step Remix (ft. El Gant and Bekay) (Video)

Oh you were truly not ready for this joint.    Rediculous applied a particular type of funk to make this joint rock while Skeezo, El Gant, and Bekay launch an all out verbal assault on all the skinny jean wearing hipsters who claim to be able to rock the crowd.   These are joints that hip hop heads scream for, so make sure you dowload the album and share it with a friend.  You owe these men that much.

CF – Dog Tags (ft. Swave Sevah and Akir) b/w Anatomy Of A Revolutionary


CF is one of best lyricists in the game currently.  His prose is on par with anyone else doing it. On Dog Tags, he releases the hounds by collaborating with the likes of Swave Sevah and Akir.  This joint gets straight militant with a quickness. The beat and bars work cohesively to deliver potency in music.

On Anatomy Of A Revolutionary we have more of that illness that CF has demonstrated throughout his career. He has never shied away for letting his views be known and is primed to let you know his dissenting opinions.  He may not be popular with politicians but CF is definitely a fan favorite of hip hop heads.

Ascension is due out on September 2nd so save the date people!