V-Zilla & Lawrence Arnell – The Excellence (Video)

Oh shit.  I missed this.  V-Zilla and Lawrence Arnell tear the house down with their single, The Excellence.  And let me tell you this, I have never heard of Juan Muteniac but if his productions are remotely on par with this beat, I need to go get that discography immediately.  That beat is homicide.    Some vicious flows over the perfect rhythm makes this a must listen.

Make sure to peep their collaborative album, The Monster & Mr. Arnell, dropping on Thanksgiving Day.

Single You Out: Diabolic – Game Time (feat. Sean Price & Vinnie Paz)


Diabolic drops the final single before his album, Fightin Words, drops this coming Tuesday.  So if you have been fiending for that braggadocio and in your face flavor, make sure you get in line for this release.  ‘Bolic leaves no bar untouched when he invited Sean Price and Vinnie Paz to drop some lines.   This is that un-traditional tough talk, ya hear me fella?

Animal Pak – No Mistakes (Video)

The Animal Pak is a nine man collective who unite on this track to set the official definition of the term ‘posse cut’.   If I had to pick a favorite verse I would put it on Senica Da Misfit on the strength of that Jodi Arias line.   But good gravy each of these emcees sets this mic ablaze.

This track is off of the mixtape, Animal Planet, which is available now at the extremely affordable price of 5 duckets.

Single You Out: SlumPritt X SunEye – TruChemistCookUp (prod. By Cool FD)



SlumPritt and SunEye link up with the extremely prolific Cool FD for another banger.  The producer summons an organ in the background and then unleashes the boom bap drums for the duo to drop a consistent salvo of flames over.   It’s just one of those tracks that you find yourself nodding your head to and when it’s over, you need to hunt up some Excedrin to cope with the neck pain.

I am not sure whose project this is, but this is a single for Chemistree Class EP

Goldini Bagwell – Say Anything (Video)

Goldini Bagwell is anything but ordinary, as a matter of fact, he may be the most artistic emcees I have ever come across.  That artistry comes across in his music and in these videos.  In all honesty, I didn’t know what was happeneing until the very end, so a credit to the director and the artist on this one.  Really brilliant work. Easily a candidate for video of the year.

If you dug this song, make sure you check out the entire album, produced by Pmpee, Secondhand Smoke (The Extended Cut).

Single You Out: Bo Jankans – Level Up (ft. Reef the Lost Cauze and Kane Mayfield)


New single from Bo Jankans, from the forthcoming project, The Motormouth EP: Act II.  For the purposes of this track he brings in Kane Mayfield and Reef the Lost Cause, making this track bang a little extra hard.  I am guessing Scrilla Ventura is behind the boards though no credit was listed.  It sounds like one of his concoctions to be sure.  I really enjoyed the first project and am looking forward to this one.

ullnevano – I WONDER What Color I’ma Use Next (2014)


Artist: ullnevano

Album: I WONDER What Color Ima Use Next


1. Intro
2. Dollar
3. Piece, Peace
4. Reflection
5. Subscriptions
6. The Hint
7. The Sims
8. Speak From Experience
9. Overrated
10. Can’t Be Denied
11. Makes No Sense
12. Getting Better
13. Chicks In Kicks
14. Nevas Belief
15. What’s The Difference (ft. X-Man)


Hip Hop Dependency is proud to be a supporter of UllNevaNo and his latest project under the ‘Color’ series flag, I WONDER What Color Ima Use Next.   If obvious signs elude you, the title refers to UllNevaNo flowing over Jamla’s front man,  9th Wonder’s beats.

If you are not familiar with UllNevaNo’s lyrical dexterity, two things become apparent:  1)  You don’t check Hip Hop Dependency very often 2) His latest project is a great opportunity for you to make up for lost time.  The man has been repping the B-More scene for more than just a few years, and is a hip hop staple there.  But his name is starting to buzz on more of a global scale much in part to the ‘Color Series’.  So don’t front or delay, stream or download the latest project, or simply get left behind.

Single You Out: Apollo Brown & Ras Kass – H2O (ft. Pharaoh Monch and Rakaa Iriscience)



When Apollo Brown and Ras Kass first announced their collaborative album, Blasphemy (due out Oct 28th), it instantly became one of the most anticipated albums for 2014.  H2O is the first single from the project and this should put all heads on notice.   It’s a smooth and soulful offering featuring incredible lyricism.  You would be hard pressed to find something as dope as this track out now.   Enjoy!

Sleep (The Fraternity) – I Shot Lincoln (ft. Kue The Vandal) (Video)

The Fraternity stays the course and could do no wrong in 2014 and this track, I Shot Lincoln, proves that fact.   Sleep and Kue The Vandal go off on Dope Antelope’s sinister production.  Antelope is hands down my producer of the year if this pace continues.  I can’t hide that fact.  No one puts darkness to music like Antelope.  And if you like lines, these emcees have got lines….

Most wanted like Hitler in a room full of Zionists…. (Kue The Vandal)