Single You Out: The Audible Doctor – Danger (ft. Hus Da Kingpin x Tragedy Khadafi)


The Audible Doctor just dropped the latest project in his ‘seasonal’ series, entitled The Spring Tape. The EP is only four tracks deep but there’s a lot packed into those four tracks musically.  The track that I wanted to touch on is Danger featuring Hus Da Kingpin and Tragedy Khadafi.  This is a track that blends both tough and smooth elements to create something that stands alone.  You have each of the emcees killing their assigned verses while The Audible Doctor composes a horn laden cascading rhythm.  Beautiful indeed…

Single You Out: Aye Wun – Just 2 Get 2 Heaven (ft. Spit Gemz)


I just wanted to shed some light on this new project from Aye Wun and producer Incredible Cutts.  Groceries is a project that dropped a week or so ago and hasn’t garnered the attention it deserves.  There are some dope beats mingling with gritty lyricism on this EP and I don’t want you to miss it.

Just 2 Get 2 Heaven has Incredible Cutts crafting a beat that creeps like a horror movie just before the climatic scene while Aye Wun and Spit Gemz discuss the evil that men might do if it was a requirement to get to heaven.  Certain dope!

Single You Out:Goldini Bagwell – Virtual Reality (ft. Illmaculate & David Lincoln Mann)

Goldini Bagwell is back with another cut from his Smoker’s Jacket series this time bringing into the fold, well accomplished compatriot Illmaculate.  Virtual Reality is a trippy journey that looks at relationships it what almost seems like an out of body experience. The track is sponsored by Chase Moore.


Single You Out: Kev Turner – Rep Dat O


Kev Turner goes directly hands on with his new cut, Rep Dat O.  He did the production, he rocks the rhymes, and he even did the artwork for the project.   Now that’s true creative control!  The track is uptempo but also has a melodic feel about it with the horns and flute in the background.  Turner’s flow is consistent with crisp lines and seamless breath control.  This is certainly something you can use to get that day started!

EK – Dress My Fears (ft. Simile) (Video)

First off, shout out to Dub MD for always keeping me in the know when it comes to dope new music that’s coming out.  It’s guys like him that help guys like me spread the word to folks like you.  Today’s newness is an emcee who rocks under the monniker of EK.  The song, Dress My Fears, is especially poignant when regarding the latest tragedy that has befallen the community of Charleston, South Carolina.   The track is off his forthcoming EP, Hands Of Time.  That’s hitting on July 1st.

Respect Tha God – Shake It Up (Video)

I love the flavor Respect Tha God brings to the microphone and IDE really provides a heater to get the party jumping.   Shake It Up, to me, is about mixing up the game a little bit because shit can get a little monotonous with the same tired themes and flows.  Respect That God gets things back to being enjoyable with this cut.  Respect.

The new album, Work Ethic, is out now.  Consider copping that!

Single You Out: GC – iKnow

When working a proper blog one of things you have to avoid is strictly promoting the same artists and turning a blind eye to rising talent.  This is always a challenge when I think about how I divide my time for what I listen to.  Well, I just happened to check out this track from an artist out of Houston called GC.   That is a good thing because it also so happens that the track is pretty dope.   GC seems lyrically apt on this joint and I would be anxious to hear more from him, as should you.

William Cooper – God’s Will (2015)



Artist: William Cooper

Album: God’s Will


01. Yesterday (God Frequency)
02. God’s Will (feat. Pace Won)
03. Something Ain’t Right (feat. Nature)
04. Grym Reaper
05. Never Fall
06. Blue Dreaming
07. True-n-Livin’ Nightmares (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Sticky Fingaz)
08. Stairway to the Matrix
9. Morpheus Prophecies (feat. Planet Asia)
10. Verbal Checkmate (feat. Killah Priest)
11. Holy Mountain (feat. Sean Price & Stoneface)
12. Secrets of Oz
13. The Cycle (feat. Ill Bill & Trife Diesel)
14. Volcanic Winter (feat. 9th Prince)
15. 7th Odyssey (feat. Timbo King & Killah Priest)
16. Channel Z
17. Zombieland (feat. Diabolic)
18. Marvelous Minds (feat. Big Twins & Big Noyd)
19. Closer to God (feat. Rah Digga)
20. MC Supremacy
21. Second Chance (feat. Stoneface)
22. Tomorrow
23. The Sequel
24. My Brother’s Keeper (feat. Stoneface)
25. Ultimate Spit (feat. Young Zee)
26. Illustrious Vision



I can’t think of an album in recent memory that was this long that maintained this much consistency as does God’s Will from William Cooper.  When listening to this album you will notice a cohesiveness you typically don’t associate with a project of this length.  In my mind that’s just one of the things that makes this album special.    There are so many individual components that contribute to making this album a must listen so let’s take a look at some of those finer points.

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Single You Out: Apathy – New England Royalty

Another single from Apathy’s forthcoming project, Weekend At The Cape.  New England Royalty has a little bit of soul integrated with a heavy dosage of boom bap.  The production switches up in the middle of the track and Apathy’s flow gets a little more malicious.

Apathy’s longevity and his ability to continuously make dope music is a testament to his talent.  There are not many in his class.  The aforementioned project, along with another, The Black Lodge, are dropping on June 30th.