Single You Out: Bugsy Da God – Skill Mathematics (ft. Masta Killa, Prodigal Sunn & Shyheim) (prod. By Endemic Emerald]

Bugsy Da God has a new album out entitled, Camouflage Disciple.   I haven’t been able to check the album out in it’s entirety but here’s the new single, Skill Mathematics, featuring Masta Killa, Prodigal Sunn, and Shyheim.  This is song is as the emcees say…napalm.  Endemic Emerald show his skill behind the boards here twice in one day, as this would his second feature of the day.

Single You Out: Staalin – State of Emergency (prod. by DVient)

Here’s today’s ‘Holy Shit’ moment featuring Staalin.   This is one of those tracks that contains too many quotables to count.  It’s bars upon bars, and he puts together one of the best flows this year with the track State of Emergency.  DVient gets the energy flowing with some sharp sounding drums and an electric guitar that intertwines itself in the rhythm.

I can’t wait to hear more from Staalin!

Single You Out: Endemic Emerald & Skanks – Trouble (ft. E Class)

Endemic unleashes a bluesy and soulful production for Skanks’ thoughtful phrases as it regards to the ‘trouble’ that surrounds him.  He references the violence against the black community, the loss of his childhood heroes, Hulk Hogan and Bill Cosby, and the perception that Black Lives Matter is somehow a racist propaganda.   He really goes in on this one.

The two have a collaborative album in the works, Rapsploitation, dropping in February 2016.  So check back for more information.  I am sure there will be more coming.

Shabaam Sahdeeq – Get It ( prod. Big Ape) (Video)

Shabaam Sahdeeq’s new EP, Modern Artillery is out now and this track reflects well upon the whole project.    We showcased the single back in early October and now we are treated to the video. The concept of the video is pretty dope in that you think that you are watching a family man getting his bread the legal way, and only til the very end do you understand that he’s taking the crooked path to make the ends meet.  Pretty dope.  Production is by Big Ape.  Make sure you snag this EP.

Sleep – The H.W. Bush/Clinton Era (2015) (Review)


Name: Sleep

Album: The H.W. Bush/Clinton Era

Track listing:

1. Intro: Produced by The Gonz
2. Broad Daylight: Produced by Wonder Breed
3. Freak A Black: Produced by Wonder Breed
4. Watch This: Produced by Wonder Breed
5. Front Row Murder: Produced by Wonder Breed
6. One Saturday Morning (Interlude): Produced by Pbizzy
7. B.Y.O.G: Produced by Wonder Breed & The Gonz
8. My Brother: Produced by Wonder Breed & The Gonz
9. Mama Said: Produced by Wonder Breed
10. Government Assistance: Produced by Wonder Breed
11. Cannibilazation: Produced by The Gonz
12. Whateva We Get: Produced by Inkomen


Sleep from 2 Man Cypher dropped a new album last month, entitled The H.W. Bush/Clinton Era. And from my previous experience anything this man puts his hands on from an artistic standpoint is as good as gold. When I finished listening to this album, and thinking about his previous work, I couldn’t help but place this man in the ‘visionary’ category. There are traditional elements in his music, but there’s also something that’s unorthodox. He pushes the limits with his technique and bars. The rhyme patterns are certainly not elementary. His style is more thoughtful, intricate. and diverse.

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Single You Out: Koncept & J57 – Live Forever (ft. Dice Raw)

Koncept and J57 drop something truly melodic with this cut, Live Forever.  J57 melds the drums with the piano for something that has a classic and vintage vibe and Koncept puts together bars that encourage living life to the fullest and shunning the nonsense.  A lot of us put so much work in to life that we need to take time to love the moment.

The Fuel EP drops on November 20th.

MoSS – Jealousy & Envy (ft. Slaine & Termanology) (Video)

Jealousy & Envy is just one of the many dope tracks off of MoSS’ new album, Marching to the Sound of My Own Drum.   I love the drums and the horns utilized for this production.  And Termanology and Slaine maintain their cool with the haters and detractors to their very own success.   Some really nice flows and bars with this music.

Nutso – I Just Don’t Know (prod. Da Beatminerz) (Video)

Nutso is back with a new track produced by Da Beatminerz.   This track puts Nutso back in his element, spittin’ about his time on the block both now and yesterday.   The production and the flows really have a perfect blend.  It has a throwback, and almost playful demeanor, but even the most fun tracks by Nutso pack a razor blades’ edge…so don’t smile too much. Ha.

Nomis – Traffic (ft. John Givez) (Video)

Nomis drops some heavy music with his latest video, Traffic.  It’s also an extremely clever way to discuss Human Trafficking.  We often times get upset at the most mundane things, like the traffic jam that keeps us from work or from a party.  We are so self-absorbed in our own minor tribulations to notice the suffering happening around us.  Human Trafficking is often something that gets swept under the rug, but Nomis is shedding much needed creative light.

His album, Socially Just, drops on November 13th.  I am all in!