Single You Out: Nutso, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Hus Kingpin – Murderous (Prod. By SciFi Stu) Cuts By Chinch 33

Scifi Stu initiates auditory mayhem with this chaotic/psychotic production  that Nutso, Shabaam Sahdeeq, and Hus Kingpin make straight up chaos over.  For a little extra flavor Chinch 33 does what he does best and chops up the record making it all the more enticing for listeners.

I am not totally positive, but I think Scifi Stu might have a project dropping soon.  I have copped all his other records so this will be no exception.

Single You Out: Snake Hollywood – Our Way (ft. Range Da Messenga)

“Tough talk don’t amuse killers.”  True enough.  Snake Hollywood is back and turning that smooth shit into a certified head nodder.  This track is counter intuitive in that the production and the soulful hook provide an element of smoothness but you aren’t going to get a laid back summer jam here.  Hollywood is taking no prisoners with an onslaught of barbarian bars that challenge the listener to keep up.

It’s been a minute but Snake Hollywood is going to be releasing his My Condolences: Addendum in August.  Stay Tuned.

Single You Out: King Syze x Reef The Lost Cauze – Sigel (prod. by Grim Reaperz)


King Syze and Reef The Lost Cauze have a collaborative project dropping called, Year Of The Hyenas and Sigel is the first single from that project.   The production is handled by the French production team, Grim Reaperz. This track is all kinds of hype and Reef’s bars are top notch here.  His Riley Cooper line had me do a double take…nice!

Single You Out: Revalation – U Outta Luck (8-Bza MIX) (ft. Don Streat and S.O.N.)

This is a remix 8-BZA worked out for one of Revelation’s tracks off of his latest mixtape, Feature Presentation.   The remix is pretty ill, complimented perfectly with the Dirty Harry references in the background.   All of the emcess murk the record but Streat really sets the tone with that first sixteen. Just an intense delivery like he’s inflicting pain on the track.

Single You Out: Rayce – Heaven (prod. by Cookbook)



Rayce is easily one of my favorite young artists making music.   Ever since we started sharing his music last year, he has displayed amazing consistency in quality without any watered down material.   Rayce is also always a very introspective individual.   He’s not afraid to dig a little bit deeper than a lot of other artists.  If you don’t get, you just don’t get it.  Check a piece of his first verse:

Heaven, is it figurative or literal? A parable to match all these stories that are biblical? Enlightenment? Heightening of senses we’re given? Somewhere along the lines of alchemy and spiritualism?

The production is being catered by Cookbook from LA Symphony fame.



Single You Out: Nutso – This City Of Mine

Nutso is back cranking out these head-cracker rhythms.  This song has an assortment of components going on.  It has a Spanish rhythm at times, a boom bap element, and at other times a flute dominates the background. The production is effectively handled by duo Grand Muzik and Buda Future.   Nutso, being the consistent artist he is, delivers a steady diet of rugedness.

I sense a new project on the horizon.  No days off.

Check The Discography: Reks


I have been a fan of Reks since I first heard the album, Along Came The Chosen.  He’s  a real man, a real emcee, who is creating real music.   There are no smoke and mirrors.  There’s no fancy cars and glamorous women in the videos. There’s no flashing of the cash.  When the game changed, Reks remained true to himself and the foundation of hip hop.  He kept on doing him and making music for those who could appreciate that. He’s worked with some of the most renowned producers and illest emcees.  In return for his great musical contribution, HHD wants to repay the favor and highlight his illustrious career thus far.  This Check The Discography is  for a man who is more than deserving.  So Reks, we salute you, your work, and all the energy you put into it.  As a fan, if you don’t have any of these albums, or mixtapes, make sure you do yourself a favor and cop these.  A couple of things before you start clicking: The majority of these releases are sold in online stores, so please follow the links and support the man.  Secondly,  Happy Holidays was released as a mixtape almost a decade ago and I can find no working links so if you have access, holler at me.  Lastly, the link to the Rekless album is to CD Universe where you can only buy the physical album for approximately $60.00.  I say go for it!

R-1672654-1263470299  R-1773750-1242456822img_1_prR-1407684-1268650453R-1688085-1237008948R-2155166-1268093560

R-3668644-1339606861-6445REKS CD_DP_ RLX_6 panel center trayREKS-In-Between-The-Lines-Volume-2R-3844162-1346612446-7429reks-revolutioncocktailAll Eyes on REKS

Cool FD x Macabeats – The Fix (cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa)

Cool FD and Macabeats are back at it again with their new cut, The Fix.  These guys are good and I mean really good.  I don’t know these artists on a day in, day out basis but I can appreciate the work ethic and the talent they collaborate with and the consistency with which they do it.  Working with DJ Grazzhoppa is always a win and I mention him every chance I get, because working with him gives your track a definitive boost.    The track is smooth, yet bangs, while Macabeats drops some jewels:

…Keep it a 100 jack/ I’m trying to get my numbers back  / Seven beats a week, chop a sample like a lumberjack / And when I start bubble Ima double back / Tell the haters Hi, then I run it back…It’s Mac!

Single You Out: Rahim Samad – Certified

Rahim Samad is not done making that dope music even after just releasing an album, Travel Properly: Motion Picture Soundtrack.  This instrumental really compliments Samad’s flow considerably.   It’s laid back and his voice just rises to the top, commanding attention. Samad is mad underrated in my mind but I can easily see him generating the buzz to push him to the next level.