Single You Out: AbSoulJah – At Your Service


Ok.  So this isn’t really a single that is released explicitly by The AbSoulJah (although it was a video dropped a months or so ago) but I am using it again to bring this dope bonus project he just released to light.  When the Moon Shines… is a complimentary project to his latest album, Dim The Light.  You can purchase both CDs on this bandcamp page for $15.  Great deal for some great music.

This cut off the project is the show stopper. I.N.C.H. on the boards and Big Ab brings his trademark stylings to light.  It’s all about tough wordplay and big beats!

Single You Out: Agallah Don Bishop – Ferocious (ft SmooVth and Spit Gemz) (prod. Organik Poisons)

This is a single from Agallah’s new mixtape, Don Status.  This is actually my first taste of music from the project and it’s making me think I should check the whole thing.  The production from Organik Poisons has a really smooth sound with the cascading sample.  The emcees each do their thing effectively, but Spit Gemz’ bars are the showstopper.

Single You Out: illmaculate – Stay Humble (prod. by Chase Moore)

Now illmaculate and Chase Moore are just showing off.  This is just insane.  Moore kills the boards with something that leans a little more melancholy while illmaculate resists the temptation of simply looking down on the competition.  The music he makes does the talking needed.  This is a major win for artist and listener alike.  Nice Poe line in the opening stanza if you listen close.

Single You Out: Masstapeace – Sons Of Mephsito (prod. by C-Lance)

I have an old Masstapeace album that I haven’t listened to for years, but I don’t remember it sounding quite this good.   I might have to check out the older stuff again, because their latest work has been pretty dope.   This C-Lance production serves as the rubber room for the team’s chaotic styles.

Be on the lookout for their new album dropping soon.

Bangerville – Spit Real Game (ft. TRA) (prod. Big Sproxx) (Video)

Damn.  Big Sproxx delivers a true banger with this new cut from Bangerville.  This is just another gem that was luckily uncovered in the process of sorting through my inbox.   The production and overall sound is a little reminiscent of Non-Phixion ala  I Shot Reagan. which is meant as a big compliment.

If you are looking for some music that knocks then you may want to check out their free EP,  Extended Forecast.

Single You Out: P.Seize – Casualties Of Life

We are a composite image of our life’s dealings, both the good and the bad.  And while the bad times may be agonizing while they are occurring, they  are critical to shaping our persona.  Hence this new jawn I found in my inbox from P.Seize.   This song is pretty damn good if you ask me.  The beat is on point and the lyrics draw you into Seize’s world.

If you are diggin’ this song, you might want to check out his new album, A Series Of Unnoticed Events.