Single You Out: Westbay x Prestigious – Lithium

Here’s some new dope shit out of Brooklyn.  I am not up on Westbay and Prestigious, but I am always game to feature that new and raw dope material as comes about.   The track leads off with a Biggie interview snippet and then the track just sets a fire from there.  A dark and dope beat from tC serves as nice backdrop for the duo’s bars.  I am hoping that this might be part of a bigger project from these guys.  They sound really good together on the mic.  A nice complemetary approach.

The 17th – Inside Jokes With Complete Strangers (2014)


Artist: The 17th

Album: Inside Jokes With Complete Strangers


1. Intro (Prod by the 17th)
2. Look Away (Ft. Rock of Heltah Skeltah)(Prod by the 17th)
3. I Wreak Havoc (Ft. Havoc of Mobb Deep)(Prod by the 17th)
4. Thirsty (Ft. Spoke In Wordz)(Prod by Fantom of the Beat)
5. Don’t Care (Ft. Joell Ortiz & HollaAtcha Gwalla)(Prod by Louie Rock)
6. Used to Love U (Ft. Skyzoo)(Prod by Relavant Beats)
7. God’s Away on Business (Ft. Elise 5000)(Prod by the 17th)
8. Bundle @f St!cks (Prod by the 17th)
9. In My Mind (Prod by Anonymous)
10. Chest Tube (Ft. Seven)(Prod by the 17th)
11. Push (Prod by the 17th & Josh Johnson)
12. Hold My Own (Ft. Cortez, Livin Proof, HollaAtcha Gwalla, Zay G)(Prod by Anonymous)
13. Neglect (Ft. Rich Alomar)(Prod by the 17th)
14. My Drug (Prod by the 17th & Josh Johnson)
15. I Am God (Prod by the 17th)
16. New World Order (Prod by the 17th)



The 17th released his album, Inside Jokes With Complete Strangers, around a couple of months or so ago and I have taken my sweet time reviewing but it certainly deserves notice and recognition. The 17th is lauded on this site for his unorthodox wordplay and topic selection. He has a tendency to take the craft to higher limits with his conversational style and dynamic wordplay.

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Single You Out: BioLogic – Dreams Made From Dust (ft. Flow Patrol)

It’s been a solid minute and a half since we featured music from BioLogic but he is back with a vengeance.  As a matter of fact,  I see an unbelievable growth as an artist in this new song.  The flow is intricate and smooth, just like the rhythm put out by producer Handbook.  The guest bars by Flow Patrol give a real nice contrast to Logic’s own flow.  All in all this is a great track that should have a great deal of replay value for hip hop heads.  He has a new album coming out soon and I am excited to hear it.

Single You Out: The Audible Doctor – The Burial Plot

The Audible Doctor is protecting what is his til the death on his latest track, The Burial Plot.  The track is equal parts dark and entertaining and I like this direction he has taken for his latest release.  The hook by Davenport Grimes is the subtle nuance needed to separate those verses being simple and not overpowering. The project, Can’t Keep The People Waiting, is due out this month.

Single You Out: Rask Kass x Apollo Brown – Giraffe Pussy (ft. Bishop Lamont, Royce The 5’9″, and Xzibit)


We all are highly anticipating Ras Kass and Apollo Brown’s release, Blasphemy.  It should be a truly great effort when it comes down to it.  These two gentleman are too talented to produce anything less than something outstanding.  The cut Giraffe Pussy is another lead up to the project which is due out in a couple of weeks on October 28th and features some prominent names in Bishop Lamont, Xzibit (just does the hook), and Royce The 5’9″.

Single You Out: Dirt Disciples – I Hear Voices

Rome Clientel and DJ Concept are the Dirt Disciples and this is their first track from their forthcoming, self-titled  EP.   In Rome’s own words:  “The song came from imagining my own death and the battle over my soul between heaven and hell and what that would be like.”  It’s eerie and soulful simultaneously in addition to being thought provoking.  Enjoy!

Single You Out: Red Eye – 24 Barbarian Pt. 2 (Prod by Robot Oxford)

Red Eye is prepping us for the release of his Fatrick Ewing project with the second installment of his Barbarian Bars series.  It’s a straight 24 bars of unadulterated hip lyricism over production from Robot Oxford.  I am not sure if the full project has a release date yet but it’s got to be coming up soon.   Stay tuned.

Single You Out: Josh Boots x Phonetic – Entertainers (produced by Alkota)

Not sure I have heard Josh Boots and Phonetic before.  But I am familiar with Alkota Beats.   The song is a quick strike with the run time at under three minutes but it serves it’s purpose.  Alkota Beats drops a digitally construed rhythm for Boots and Phonetic to rock over and the two do a fine job flipping their lines.  I would certainly listen again.

uMaNg – Accomplices (prod. by B.B.Z. Darney) (Video)

Watch and recognize that true lyricism is still alive and well today.  My inbox is 90% of the time a dreary wasteland comprised of cookie cutter emcees rocking over less than stellar recycled rhythms but uMaNg and B.B.Z. Darney are offering us something different.  The production is potent in it’s rawness and uMaNg gives us a true demonstration of not only what it is to be an emcee but also a rhyme writer extraordinaire.

We are all on notice that his album, The Black Rose Certificate, is dropping November 25th.