Deuce Eclipse & J.Lately – What’s Your Part (prod. Jamie Way) (Video)

What are you going to do for the betterment of hip hop?  Well, I know what Deuce Eclipse and J.Lately are going to be doing:  They are going to be setting this hip hop music up for the future generations, by showing and demonstrating the integral components of the art.

Be sure to check out their new album, The Setup.

Single You Out: Taiyamo Denku – Stone Cold (ft. Kool G Rap and War Beyah)

Taiyamo Denku and producer D-Cypha recently released a new album, Radioactive.   The album exclusively contains bangers.  D-Cypha has a real knack from collecting dope sounds and making phenomenal music.  Denku, over the years, has proved adaptable to those very same rhythms that Cypha creates.  In an album full of features, he sounds comfortable on every track.  This track featuring Kool G Rap and War Beyah is the perfect illustration, because sometimes we all run out of fucks to give.


Single You Out: Joey the Jerk – Winning the War (ft. Playdough)

“…we may have lost the battle but we’re winning the war…”

True indeed fellas because this track is fire!  I love the wordplay exchanges between Joey the Jerk and Playdough on this cut, Winning the War.  The production really has a playful but certainly dope vibe to it.  There’s a certain irony to the title of this song when compared to the content.  Usually when you see a track entitled this, you would expect rough and confrontational rhymes, but what you get is much more vibrant which again shows that these guys are winning with their approach, not with someone elses.

Hasan Salaam – Like Silence (ft. Kendal Good) (Video)

“In order to see the light, I first had to go astray…”

Hasan Salaam releases the song, Like Silence,  from his latest album, Life In Black & White, and gives it the video treatment.  The track features Kendal Good and gives hip hop the unplugged feel. But more than this, Like Silence, is a song about redemption and finding paths forward.  Certainly some good music that should find an inspiring thought in that mind of yours.

Motive – D.N.A. / Pistol Packin’ (feat. Celph Titled) (Video)

First off let me say that Motive’s new album, D.N.A., deserves the review treatment and I am going to get on that as soon as possible.  I’ve listened to the joint several times and it is completely solid from start to finish.  It’s filled with dope flows and hard hittin’ rhythms.  If you are a fan of those things, how could you not love this album?

With this video you get to sample two cuts from the album, the title track and Pistol Packin’ featuring the highly respected Celph Titled.   Both tracks get a lot of replay value from me.

Single You Out: Finale – The Revival (feat. Invincible & Pierre Anthony)


It’s time for a little musical rebirth with Finale’s new single, The Revival. In addition to Finale, the song features another Detroit emcee who has been seldom heard from on the microphone as of late, Invincible.   But as we soon see, the years may have passed, but the skill is not diminished.  Dope track.

The new album drops on August 14th.

Sadistik x Kno – To Be In Love (Video)

Over the course of the last few years I have heard of Sadistik but never quite ‘followed’ his music.   But for the project, Phantom Limbs, he is teaming up with one of my favorite producers, Kno from Cunninlynguists.   The two combine to provide a musically interesting experience with the lead single, To Be In Love.   It’ got a very surreal vibe to it.

The new project drops in a couple of weeks, on August 11th I believe.