Single You Out: Cashus King – Sin

Cashus King (fka Co$$) is back with a new album, CHURCH (of the good thief).  This is one of the iTunes bonus cuts from the album and he packs a lot of soul and feeling into this song.  The thing that separates Chasus from his contemporaries is the way he melds mortality into the thoughts of the divine.  Nobody relates concepts of humanity quite like him.  I can’t wait to check the album.

V-Zilla and Lawrence Arnell – The Monster And Mr. Arnell (2014)



Artist: V-Zilla and Lawrence Arnell

Album:  The Monster And Mr. Arnell


1. The Intro
2. Hold Steady
3. Rap Shit
4. World so Cold
5. Hometown Heroes
6. Clarity (feat. Helen Sciandra)
7. Fish Grease
8. Phoebe Cates
9. 12 O’clock
10. Step in My Direction (feat. Blacastan)
11. I Just Don’t Know
12. Lowdown
13. The Excellence (feat. DJ Tmb)
14. Stealth Move (feat. Des Devious)
15. Megatron Dons
16. Kill Everything (Bonus)


It’s more than just a Army Of The Pharaohs thing.  It’s more than just a Houston to Philadelphia thing.  The Monster And Mr. Arnell is a showcase of some of the most promising talent, not only on the AOTP team but currently in the game as a whole.  I have been showcasing V-Zilla for quite a while now as an emcee and Lawrence Arnell on his production credits.  Now the two have combined to deliver a compelling project for hip hop heads of all walks to appreciate.

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Whosane – Move (Video)

Wow.  I showcased this single over a year and a half ago and I forgot how dope Whosane is! And you know what?  I missed his project from 2013, Brooklyn To Capetown, but I am about to rectify that faux paus immediately.  And after you here this song again, you are going to have to DL that too.  But it also bears mentioning that this song also appears on the Straight Path Jewlz Mixtape which showcases a lot of other dope artists though it does come in at a hefty cost of $12.   The choice is yours but enjoy the song/video.

Heddshotts & Junior Makhno – Cane Bagnato (ft. DJ Nix’On) (Video)

The Heddshotts camp is back with a new project, backed with production from Junior Makhno entitled, Circus Of The Freaks.   I haven’t checked the album yet, but from the few tastes I have gotten (including this video), it’s going to be heavy.  It’s free to download, but you can donate if you are supporter.


Single You Out: Heddshotts – Elephant In The Room (prod. by Junior Makhno)

Second single from the collaborative effort from US emcees, Heddshotts and French producer, Junior Makhno.   You can tell from a song like Elephant In The Room that this union was inevitable.  They build on each other’s strengths as Makhno laces the banger and the Militia slay the mic. The project is called Circus Of The Freaks and is due out on December 16th for free.

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Ric Flo – Do It (Video)

I was not sure who Ric Flo was before I listened to this track, but after the listening I can say that he is a forth to be reckoned with.   I mean this flow is quite simply one of the best I have heard…ever…period.  His delivery is crisp.  His mind is clever.  His writing is something serious. I can’t wait to see if he can maintain this high standard of music through a whole project.  I hope to hear some more soon, because he is super impressive.

Also,  the video is creative and entertaining.  I hope you guys agree.

Single You Out: Makempay – Put In Work (ft. PrimeTime) (prod. by Dee Metto)

Dee Metto is always breaking us off with some dope music and this joint from Makempay is no different.   Put In Work is a cut that’s going to creep in your mind and lurk there for a while. Metto laces this laid back rhythm that also carries with it a little intensity.  Makempay and guest, PrimeTime then serve the listener a healthy helping of dope bars.  You couldn’t ask for more.

Single You Out: Born Villains – The Wildest (ft. Adlib and Nico The Beast)



This is a track from Born Villains new, self-titled project which you can cop for $7.   The whole project is chocked full of hard beats and even harder rhymes.  I am going to have a hard time doing a full review of the project with my existing time commitments but I wanted to get it at least some recognition.  It certainly deserves a listen.   This particular song features Adlib and Nico The Beast.

Check it out!