Single You Out: Serge Severe – The Vigil

I am going to have to find out more about this effort.   Serge Severe is back and with a definitive vengeance.  This production from Maze Rockwell is filthy and Severe’s flow is like a running river over this beat.   The content is quite relevant as well. Don’t get caught in the rat race.  There are different measures to a man’s success.  Well said Serge…well said.

I hope this is part of a greater collaborative effort because this song goes.

Single You Out: Big Lo – Judas (ft. Chaundon and Tommy 2 Face)

Here’s a dark jam from artist, Big Lo.  The beat by The Gemstones is littered with ominous piano keys, machine gun bullets, and various sound effects.  Joining Big Lo on the cut is Chaundon and Tommy 2 Face and they are all about to strike fear here in the hearts of their enemies.  So lick a shot!

Big Lo has an album in the distant horizon entitled, Umbrellas and Green Olives, dropping on March 31, 2015.

Aileron (Ascend) – Fall In Place (Ft. ¡MAYDAY!) (Video)

This song started off pretty laid back but then Aileron had to go in a little deeper with his verse giving you some real shit to contemplate.  The vibe and the hook are all pretty mellow, so you can lean back, chill, and then contemplate on how your day should go.  This is a good cut to listen to on my way to work…it ain’t that serious.

You can check out Aileron’s album, Flight Risk.  It’s a free download so you might as well give it a listen if you dug this song.

PRhyme – U Looz (Video)

PRhyme is comprised of DJ Premier and Royce Da 5’9″ and they are about to unleash a righteous fury on December 9th with their self-titled album dropping.  This cut is very much a teaser.  Enough so that you may yell at the computer screen because it ended all too quickly.   But it’s a great combination to say the least.  We will have something to look forward to for the holidays.

Buggs Tha Rocka – Bad Habits (Video)

I’ve been sitting on this video from Buggs Tha Rocka but now it’s time to unleash this new talent on the site.  The song Bad Habits has that church/blues feel to it and Bugs is pretty crafty with his wordplay.  “The only rapper to pull the sword out the stone.”    The man’s lyricism is pretty ambitious but the talent is there to back it up.  He will have a new album entitled Scattered Thoughts Of An American Poet.   That will be made available to the public on December 4th.

Single You Out: Divine – Check It Out

If it wasn’t for artists like Divine doing their thing, hip hop would be getting closer to death every day.  Thankfully there are new artists like this who keep the culture well and alive by making that boom bap hip hop that this music was built upon.   This song is a straight banger and instantly makes you take stock in what Divine is able to contribute to the M-I-C.   He has his debut album dropping in two weeks entitled, Ghetto Rhymin.  Now you know!

Single You Out: These Handz – New World Order (ft. Jmega, Don Streat & Macabeats)


These Handz is comprised of producer Sparkii Ski and DJ Grazzhoppa and they are all about that boom bap hip hop flavor. We have here two mixes of the same song but they are both banging so I wanted to feature both.  I have mentioned Grazzhoppa countless times on here and he has never been a part of a bad project or song.  Everything he has done has been the premium project.

On this song we have JMega from True Masterz rocking with Don Streat and Macabeats from the Animal Pak.  It’s lyrically fire which blends perfectly with the fire of the production and scratching.  The remix from Mighgawd is more of a down tempo pace that has more of a rock influenced flavor behind it but it’s dope nonetheless.   Make sure you give these a listen.

Single You Out: Kev Brown & Hassaan Mackey – Hassaan Be Rappin’

Kev Brown & Hassaan Mackey know how to make some good hip hop.  So there is bound to something remarkable on the way when the two release their album, That Grit, on November 4th.  There are not a lot of albums that I am checking for but this one is certainly on the radar.  Kev Brown laces a perfect beat with the pluck of a harp and a cascade of strings and Mackey just flows his ass of at a break neck pace.  Really impressive on all levels.