Single You Out: Coloasus MC & The Great Terror – Pigs Of War (Prod by Jumunji Beats)

You wanted a banger today?  I got one for you from Coloasus MC & The Great Terror.  I am really feeling the beat from Jumunji Beats. And the emcees don’t leave the production to waste as they each throw in some pretty intense bars.

There is supposedly a collabo album coming about from the two.  I will check it.  This cut is strong.

Sav Killz -Dreadnoks 2 (ft. Math Hoffa) / Onslaught (Video)

Sav Killz gives us the best part of two cuts with his latest video.  He is joined by Math Hoffa for the heavily GI Joe influenced track, Dreadknoks 2 and then does a solo round  for the song, Onslaught.

Both of the tracks are official but I am extremely partial to Dreadknoks 2 banger.  Incorporating the names of various characters from the cartoon into the lyrics of a song is certainly impressive.

Both of these tracks can be found from Sav Killz project Immovable Kings.

William Cooper – Something Ain’t Right (ft. Nature) (Produced by BP)(Video)

A new and insightful single from William Cooper’s album,  God’s Will.  The emceeing, featuring Nature, and production from BP, are dope, but the message here is what needs to get through.

What Cooper is trying to get people to take notice of is that the  Patriot Act is an abuse of power that can effect anyone. No one is immune from it’s abuses.  You may be safe now, but one day you may not be able to say that.

Single You Out: Nature – Give It To ‘Em (ft. JOHN JIGG$ & Tragedy) (Produced By BP)

This is the first single off of Nature’s forthcoming album, Target Practice.  The production comes from BP and als features guest flows from JOHN JIGG$ and Tragedy.

Let it be known, there is no hesitation with these flows!  You are about to get that street shit delivered right to your door. Recognize!

Single You Out: Ripynt & Carl Roe – Rock Bars (feat. Landon Wordswell) (prod. by Brainstorm)

Oh shit moment of the day goes to this cut right here!  Ripynt, Carl Roe, and guest Landon Wordswell, truly annihilate the English langauge over a thumping production from Brainstorm.

Rock Bars  is exactly that! Each emcee brings exceptional lyricism in an era with the art and craft of wordplay is supremely diluted.   You need to check this!

Single You Out: Slicenberg – Pros And CONS (ft. Revelation)

New jawn from the EMS camp!  Slicenberg invites Revalation to drop some bars across his latest creation, Pros & CONS.  The twinge of the guitar in the production gives it a taste of the blues while wrapped around the boom-bap drums.  Meanwhile, Rev truly drops some tough bars at one point making it Biblical referencing Old Testament kingpin Hezekiah.

This joint is destined for Slicenberg (Soulslicers) new project, Keep It Sample.