Serge Severe – The MC (2018)


Artist: Serge Severe

Album: The MC


  1. Left You
  2. No Debate
  3. La Voz
  4. Say Nothing
  5. Giant
  6. Passport
  7. What The Sayin’
  8. Spat Energy
  9. New Generation
  10. Treat H.E.R. Right
  11. Stay Alive
  12. The Vigil


Serge Severe is back in the lab making music, after a sabbatical of sorts. It’s a pleasure for all of us to see him back in the studio, doing his thing, and creating an album of this caliber. The skills and talent that made him a staple on this site for years are still evident and shine greatly on his latest release, appropriately entitled, The MC.

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Single You Out: Serge Severe – Shots Fired (prod. by Zapata)

Serge Severe and Zapata reunite once again to add a classic hip hop touch to their social commentary.  The country is at it’s most divisive point in the 21st Century and the fellas are here to lend some perspective to it. Zapata and Severe have always been an amazing combo.  I appreciate their past collaborations perhaps more than any other recent partnership.  They just sound so in sync.  This soulful landscape along with truly poetic observation, make this cut one to hear.

Serge Severe x Zapata – Silver Novelist (2012)

Artist: Serge Severe x Zapata

Album: Silver Novelist

Source: Artist


1. Silver Novelist
2. Seasons
3. Dead Poets
4. Casually Obscene
5. Hunger Games
5. Magic-Less World


When Serge Severe drops a project I take notice.  The man is amongst my favorite emcees with his style and delivery.  It’s something that is as different as it is dope.  For this project he teams up with producer Zapata.  Zapata’s sound is a little less traditional than lets say, Terminill (Service Without A Smile).  His style is ambient and ethereal. And while I may prefer the Service Without A Smile when comparing the two projects, Silver Novelist is undoubtedly worth the listeners time on more than one occasion.

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Artist Spotlight: Serge Severe (2012)

Usually when I hear an artist for the first time I am rarely left with an impression.  I would say less than 20% of artist submissions wind up on HHD nonetheless stay in constant rotation in my iTunes folder.  Serge Severe does both…constantly.

Serge Severe is the epitome of consistency when it comes to not only bringing quality rhymes, but also quality music.  He has come out with project after project of dope material yet I feel not enough people know about this man’s talent.

He agreed to answer some questions for this feature and I hope you take the time to read it and peep his music.  The man is a great talent…

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Unprecedented Vol. 3 Compilation (July 2012)

It’s been a while since I put one of these together and for that I apologize.  There were quite a few tracks that I heard in July and wanted to put them together for one of these compilations…so without further ado…


1. Animal Pak (Praverb the Wyse x Don Street) – Banger
2. Substantial – Check My Resume
3. Shabaam Sahdeeq x Eddie B x Smoke DZA – Futuristic
4. Illogic x Blockhead – Poster Boy
5. Dub MD x Vandalyzm x Substantial x Kel Spencer x K-Sise – Requiem
6. Cayoz x Ensilence – Retrospect
7. Layne Harper – Medicine Cabinet
8. Veteran Assassins – Paint The Town Red
9. Sciarii x Tableek x Blacastan – Fear No Man
10. Miami Beat Wave x Locos Por Juana x Omniscient x ArtOfficial – Succeed
11.Skrewtape x C-Rayz Walz x Shabaam Sahdeeq – 3 Ring Circus
12. CF – Terminate On Site
13. Serge Severe x Zapata – Hunger Games

Listen Here

Single You Out: Serge Severe – Seasons (prod. by Zapata)

It hasn’t been too long since Serge Severe brought us Service Without A Smile with Terminill, but he is not about to rest on his laurels.  He is back at it again with a project on the way featuring production from Zapata.

This cut is something to vibe out to this Friday and ease you into your weekend and you know Severe’s going to bring you those crisp bars regardless of the production.