Raf Almighty – Slumz (ft. Snook Da Crook and Wyld Bunch) (Video)

What do you know about the slumz?  Not a thing.  Not a thing.   But Raf Almighty and his compatriots, Snook and Wyld Bunch, are familiar with those surroundings and they break out the pain brushes and give you the picture with this cut.  And having Brans on the boards is like a the seal of approval for freshness.

If you haven’t checked out Raf’s new album, G.T.F.O.M.Y., you should get on checking it.  A lot of people giving it top consideration for one of the best albums this years.  Heads recognize…

Wyld Bunch – I Do Not Fail (ft. Hannibal Stax) (Video)

Wyld Bunch drops his new video for, I Do Not Fail, which features Hannibal Stax.  Wyld Bunch has a high energy persona when he rocks the mic and that really shines through on a track like this while Hannibal Stax provides good counter balance. mOh and you liked the beat too?  Doesn’t surprise me.  That’s DJ Brans!  If you like this joint, check out his album, UNBREAKABLE.