Garcia – Off The Beaten Path EP (2012)

Artist: Garcia

Album:  Off The Beaten Path EP

Source: DJ Booth


1. Intro
2. We The Only Ones (ft. Omniscient, AG Lyonz)
3. Stolen Soul (ft. J. Nics, Bernz)
4. What I’m Sayin
5. 2 Gun Salute (ft. N.O.R.E.)
6. Why Not Me (ft. Reks)
7. Sadist Game (ft. Wrekonize)
8. About Her
9. Coming Home (Outro)


I caught this release off of DJ Booth the other day.  I wasn’t expecting it, nor did I truly know who Garcia even was.  I saw that he had the crew from MayDay and J. Nics on the release and that was enough to pique my interest.

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Wrekonize: A Soiree For Skeptics

Artist: Wrekonize

Album: A Soiree For Skeptics

Guests: Bernz, Co$$, Snave Nayr

Production: Wrekonize, Miami Beat Wave, Stro, DJ Sharpsound, Plex Luthor, Erik L, Tzarizm, Rudi Goblen

Best Tracks: One Foot In The Grave, Let Go, Winding Road, Children’s Games, Fugitive

Recommendation: Must Have

Note: I can’t front. I can’t even hide the fact that I am in love with the music on A Soiree For Skeptics. Everything screams, ‘classic’ about this album.

Wrekonize is a unique talent. His soul and his passion for music just shine thru. But so much to making good music is more than just having talent. There are a lot of emcees that can flow and have amazing lyrics but what Wrekonize can do where others have fallen short is making a GREAT song. As a matter of fact he made at least sixteen of them on this release.

A hook can ruin a song and rarely can it contribute, or so I thought. Wrekonize turns that theory on it’s head. His ability to melodically do his own choruses enhances every track. He has a soulful vibe that should resonate with every listener. His lyrical parlay is equally as impressive. He has a mastery of the English language. His lines aren’t merely littered with metaphors and similes, they are laced with complex rhyme schemes, filled with idea and purpose, and flow effortlessly. His thoughts drift from the state of the ‘new’ hip hop artist on Winding Road to his perception of war on Children’s Games.  His horizons are indeed broad as you listen to the album from start to finish.

The production is equally incredible.  The album has the bangers (One Foot In the Grave) which will have your head nodding as well as cuts that make you feel like you are in an old smoke filled jazz club (Let Go).  The one constant throughout in terms of production is that is all dope and fit Wrekonize like a glove.

Wrekonize is not a one trick pony and and A Soiree For Skeptics will demand your attention more than once. It has been in steady rotation here since Tuesday. This album will have staying power as long as you give it a chance. I promise you will not regret your time. Classic material in a day and age where that really means something.