Wildelux – 24/7 (Video)

Wildelux is back with a new song, and not only does he handle the mic professionally but he also produces this song. And this is not your average beat, either. This is some legit fire!

I’m a little saddened to hear this is his last solo album, but excited to hear what this end product to look like. Get ready for The IT Factor…coming soon!

Certified Craftsmen (Propo’88 & Wildelux) – Hey! (Video)

This track is incredibly fresh! You have the combination of Wildelux and Propo’88 making some dope we can get in with as the Certified Craftsmen. And, Hey!, definitely has that well crafted sound about it. I love the depth and layers in the production with cascading sounds and concise scratching. Wildelux also has an authority about his flow that is concise and sharp over this track.

They have a new project coming out and I am excited to hear a complete project from the two.