Single You Out: Whosane – I Will Return (prod. by Mabu Shakur)

Whosane is back on the scene with the appropriately titled, I Will Return. On this track, he puts into the perspective all of the crimes being perpetrated on the Black Community both specific and broad. Obviously there are crimes of brutality that have been in the news lately, but there are also grander obstacles that involve lack of opportunity and advancement that Whosane touches upon. Dope and meaningful music.

Whosane – Move (Video)

Wow.  I showcased this single over a year and a half ago and I forgot how dope Whosane is! And you know what?  I missed his project from 2013, Brooklyn To Capetown, but I am about to rectify that faux paus immediately.  And after you here this song again, you are going to have to DL that too.  But it also bears mentioning that this song also appears on the Straight Path Jewlz Mixtape which showcases a lot of other dope artists though it does come in at a hefty cost of $12.   The choice is yours but enjoy the song/video.

Single You Out: Whosane – Move (prod. by Eric Lau)


Can I get a “Holy Hot Damn” for this track!  Wow.  This track is one of the most complete cuts I have heard this year.  The beat by Eric Lau, although it has an Asian appeal to it, is other wordly.  But Whosane…wow…what can I say?  These are some of the best bars assemble by one man for one track.   His album, Brooklyn To Cape Town is not dropping soon enough with a June 16th release date.

“opposite of monotonous, do you know who you rocking with?” We know now my friend.  We know now.

Single You Out: Famoso – Me,Myself & Music Remix (ft. Whosane & Shabaam Sahdeeq


All hip hop right here!  Superlative rhymes from Famoso and company (expected).  J57 on the remix (bonus).  DJ Modesty on the cuts (over the top type hip hop).   All around great music.

This track is coming off of Famoso’s upcoming mix tape/teaser Before Tha’ Dope Comes.  That’s going to be a rarities, b-sides, and freestyles compilation.  Check for that if you like this track so we can all catch up on what Famoso has been up to.

Single You Out: Black Marvel – Room 308 (ft. Killah Priest, Whosane, Hell Razah, and Timbo King)

I’ve always been a fan of the music coming out of the Godz Wrath camp.  Ciph Barker’s music always stays in rotation, but now I get a chance to hear some new music from Black Marvel.    This beat is almost like the the Pied Piper.  It just hauntingly leads the listener along.  Obviously, by looking at the guest list you can tell this joint bangs.  If you like his cut, be sure to check Black Marvel’s solo album which dropped just a couple of days ago, BM Ultra.