Stryfe & Marc Byrd – War (Video)

Ok.  If this song doesn’t move you and make you want to hit something, we’ve got a problem.  This song is so dangerous to eardrums it may knock off your equilibrium.  I am not playing.  This song is coming off of Stryfe and Marc Byrd’s album, The Last Resorts.  That is a great album by the way.  If you are tired of the same old boring fuckery that befuddles the masses on a daily basis, you are going to want this album.  The duo surpasses limits and expectations.  Blam.

Single You Out: Gutta & Nems – War (ft. Block McCloud and Fresh Jones) b/w Tommy Boy (Gutta)

These songs are just nasty!  Nems and Gutta team up for the track War and Tommy Boy is a solo track by Gutta. Nems is just coming off the release of his album, Filthy Fly Shit which has a number of bangers on it and it’s good to hear Gutta again on the mic.  His album, Heads Will Roll dropped three years ago.  It was produced by Blue Sky Black Death and was vastly underrated.  It still is something that I will play from time to time.  His style has a grimy ferocity to it.   These new songs bode well for what is to come.  Both cuts have beats that knock.  Gutta has a new mixtape dropping soon so be on the lookout for that.


Tommy Boy