Jermiside & Danny Diggs: Victory Is Mine (Video)

Jermiside is a relate able artist.  The lyricism is just something I can apply to my own life.  I love that.  It’s like reading a book where you identify with the lead character.  This is really how the entire album rides.  Danny Diggs gives you soothing rhythms while Jermiside drops gems.  Does that sound worthwhile to you?  If it does than Quiet As Kept is in your lane and will probably be the next album I review.

Single You Out: Jermiside & Danny Diggs – Victory Is Mine


Jermiside drops the second single, Victory Is Mine, from his sophomore collaborative album with producer Danny Diggs, Quiet As Kept.  Jermiside is my favorite emcee from the talented Lessondary Crew (I probably said the same thing about Spec Boogie a year or so ago, but whatever.  It’s a tie).  He has a very smooth style that is only amplified with the production of Danny Diggs.   This song in particular is inspiring.  You truly can’t keep a good man down.

Quiet As Kept will be released October 22nd