Single You Out: Uncle Sam x Evill Dewer – Sleepwalking

Uncle Sam retains a special place at Hip Hop Dependency. He’s an artist that we started featuring close to our inception, and we have been able to witness the evolution of an artist over the course of his career. His collaboration with producer, Evill Dewer, shows an increased depth of sound. His flow on this track, Sleepwalking, is fused perfectly with the enchanting production from Dewer.

Check their EP, Disconnection, for a greater sampling of the sound they have created.

Uncle Sam – Pioneering Burdens (feat. Adam Horn) (Video)

Uncle Sam is someone I have featured a couple of times on the blog and was perhaps one of my first few feature on the site when we started five year ago. Every time I hear a song from him, I hear a little more polish and refinement in the music. Pioneering Burdens is simply put a dope song. The production features a dope beat with scathing symbols and a hook that reels you in. Uncle Sam’s flow and lyricism sounds very much on point.

This track is taken from his EP, Get Off My Lawn.

Single You Out: Uncle Sam – Stay Grounded


I first featured Uncle Sam about a year ago.  I thought he showed enormous upside and had the great foundation for a career in music.   I felt he just needed a bit more polish.  He sent me his mixtape soon after and I thought that the OG tracks that were on there were innovative and dope, but I kinda left him hanging without giving him my feedback.  (I am a well intentioned jackass sometimes.)  But here he is a year later with more polish and a dope beat that I am excited to share with you.  The beat is courtesy of Motion Picture.

Single You Out: Uncle Sam – Live For Today (Produced by Pastime)

I posted a freestyle by Uncle Sam not all that long ago.  The freestyle was good, but this single is excellent.  We have original production from his partner, Pastime, who in my opinion put together a dope beat.  I really like the (1,2,3 vocal sample).  That was very well placed.  Uncle Sam delivers top notch rhymes and he sounds more natural on this beat than the freestyle.  He’s going to be dropping a mixtape that we will be checking for.