Ugly Heroes – Daisies (Video)

Ugly Heroes release a video for the track Daisies, from their much vaunted album, Everything In Between.

The realness in this song, this album, and this group, really relates to people.  There is such a human element to everything they do.  They are humbling and at the same time motivating.  As a listener and a fan they always inspire me especially during difficult times.




Single You Out: Red Pill – Fuck Your Ambition (ft. P.O.S.)


Red Pill (Ugly Heroes) has got a new project, Instinctive Drowning, that has a release date for late August.  Fuck Your Ambition, again has the listener seeing life through the lens of Pill.  So all you strivers and motivators…you can stuff it.   It’s Pill’s unique take on ‘ambition’ that really gets those thoughts moving.

Single You Out: Ugly Heroes – Pay Attention



Off of the forthcoming Mello Music Group Compilation, Mandala Vol. 2, Today’s Mathematics, comes the first single from Ugly Heroes.  The crew is of course comprised of Verbal Kent, Red Pill, and Apollo Brown.  This is a stellar joint if my opinion counts for anything.  The sound is really an extension of their self-titled album from earlier this year.

“…some pay dues…I pay attention…”

The compilation drops on January 28th so save the date…

Ugly Heroes ( Apollo Brown x Verbal Kent x Red Pill) – Hero’s Theme (Video)

The Ugly Heroes give you that “every man music” with their video release of Hero’s Theme.   You just listen to the lyrics and think…”Hey, these guys are talking about my life.”   These artists are out here making the most of every moment.   We should all take the lesson and maximize the day.   You should start off by copping their self-titled album.  Bang!

Single You Out: UGLY HEROES (Apollo Brown, Vebral Kent, Red Pill) – Hero’s Theme


Ugly Heroes is comprised of Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent, and Red Pill, and their self-titled album dropped today.  I am listening to it right now.  It’s bluesy and somber.  It’s also something that real people who have real problems will be able to relate to.  This ain’t your silver spoon music!  If you like this track, you can cop the album, here.