Tug McRaw – Bacon N’ Eggs (Langauge Arts Vol 4) (2015)



Artist: Tug McRaw

Album: Bacon N’ Eggs (Langauge Arts Vol 4)


1. Intro
2. Ride With Me
3. Im a Hater
4. So Sick (ft. MB)
5. The Real
6. Need The Pain (ft. Mani Nigatar)
7. Deal With It (ft. J-Breeze)
8. Vulcan Death Grip (ft. Chip Raw)
9. The Call (ft. L-Perfex)
10. Love Song (ft. J-Breeze)
11. Once Upon Crime Pt. 2
12. Rewind


Tug McRaw does not drop material all that often but when he does you had best take notice.  This is the fourth installment of his Language Arts series and if you have not had the opportunity to check the other efforts, now is the opportune time to give yourself a swift kick in the ass.  This guy has bars and all those intangibles.  When McRaw hits the mic, you know him by the voice, it’s that distinctive.   There really are no skippable tracks on this release (as in previous releases as well) so enjoy.


Tug McRaw – Surrender (Video)

Tug McRaw recently dropped this video single from his most recent project, Language Arts Vol. 3.  McRaw invites people into his home for the video, only so they can wave the white flag of appreciation for his musical capabilities.  He is one of those artists that everyone should know about.   So study up and go through his discography.  He has a bunch of ill projects already to his credit and some new material in the works that I can’t wait to hear.

Single You Out: Godilla – Hardcore Styles (ft. Tug McRaw) *Exclusive*

hardcore styles pic

I am incredibly honored that Godilla blessed HHD with this new single (exclusive for the moment) featuring Tug McRaw.  Quite simply, Hardcore Styles bangs!  This beat along with the scratching is just plain infectious.  The verbage is also quite proper.  Altogether it’s the type of flavor that keeps the block hot and happy.

If you have not checked Godilla’s latest project, Altered Beast, make sure you do that at this point.   That is a literal gift to hip hop heads because it’s free.  Also, I feature the homie Godilla quite a bit but I don’t often get a chance to share Tug McRaw’s material with you.  The man has an ill voice and demeanor and you will be hearing a lot more material in the near future.  Tell me that second verse wasn’t fire….