King Magnetic – Tuff Guy (Video)

Tuff Guy is the lead single off the newly released album, Timing Is Everything.  King Magnetic is one of those artists that has been putting in consistent work for the longest time.   His mixtapes and the Everything Is A Gamble series has put out more bangers than most other people’s entire discography.   His projects can play from start to end and while I just copped the new album, Timing Is Everything will be no different in that capacity.

Tuff Guy is just a prime example of what this artist is capable of.    He flips over a banger, describing himself as not a tough guy,  but capable of being really menacing if push ever came to shove.  And he calls out all those who are tough when in the company of others, but really pussy when it comes to handling business by yourself.

This is one album that everybody needs to support this year.  You have to reward an artist who has been consistent as he has over the years.  Let’s back him up!